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Millipede "Saner High Score Hack"

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Another one down on my list of "things that bug me about my favorite games".


Anybody who loves this game as much as me knows this game's default high score table insanely high.



The game has an option that you can thankfully disable that lets you jump levels which I'm guessing is why the high score table is so high.

Unless you are ridiculously good at the game no average player is going to get on the scoreboard in fact the best I ever did was 3rd from the bottom :(


This little hack makes getting on the score board easy so great for home use with the stage jump option disabled, a must have! :b


First some random code rambling that wont make any sense.


Ram 1k 0x0000 0x03FF


High scores numbers from 0x0064-0x07B 3 bits per score, 7 scores in total, max score is 999999


Scores work backward EG: 1st high score is from 0x0064 to 0x0066

So a score of 789610 would look like "10(0064) 96(0065) 78(0068)"


High score initials from 0x07C to 0x093

1 bit per letter x 3 for each of the seven scores total 21 bytes.

Player one initials starts from 0x07C to 0x07E, player 2 0x07F to 0x081 etc

Following hex values represent the letters

00 = space

01 = A

02 = B

03 = C

04 = D

05 = E

06 = F

07 = G

08 = H

09 = I

0A = J

0B = K

0C = L

0D = M

0E = N

0F = O

10 = P

11 = Q

12 = R

13 = S

14 = T

15 = U

16 = V

17 = W

18 = X

19 = Y

1A = Z

Special Characters

1B =

1C = :

1E = 1/2

1F = Archer

20 to 29 are numerals 0 to 9

2A = Space

2B to

6E = Left half of DDT

6F = Right half of DDT

FF = Mushroom



Sane High Score Table.


Default high score written to ram 0x0064-0x007B and is stored in rom 136013-101.h1 between 0x088E to 0x08BD

High scores are relative to your set bonus so if its set to 12000 the lowest score that will register on the high score table is 12000.

If set to 15000, the min high score that will register is 15000 etc.

You could set all high scores to 00 and they still wont register until you reach the minimum bonus score so setting the default score to zero is pointless.

Since 12000 is and easy score to get I'm not going to waste hours of time working out how or why they have programmed the high score table this way so I decided to modify the existing scores reducing the ten thousands digit to 1. See below.


The final version is slightly different with a surprise ;) I've also fixed the checksum so no errors in test.

You'll need to burn the image on a 2732 Eprom.


Braze Multipede Kit

To my surprise and dismay Braze's Multipede ended up in Mame, do the devs have no shame? I also noticed the Missile Command multi kit is in there too.

Since the main program rom in the kit is encrypted somebody has been so kind as to provide the decryption algorithm :b

Shout out to @Apocalypse for writing the program for me to decrypt/encrypt so I could apply my hack to my Multipede, top work! It hurts my brain looking at what you did.


If you own the Multipede kit I'm happy to share but you'll have to PM and provide proof you own the board. I can burn you a rom if needed if you pay for the rom and postage.


Attached below is the hack for the standard PCB.

I've never played so much Millipede since I got my machine!


Millipede sane high score table.rar

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