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What pins have been coming thru the Dedshed

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Fixed the slots window decal plate and added some Mylar to hold it all down better




Installed into the new clear slots window. It sits in nicely.

The old one had it all glued and selastic in place.


This way I can always replace with a new one still, if I can get one.




Way better look fitted with new clear window.



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Forgot about the slots reel.


I had completely stripped and cleaned the whole unit. Went back to standard globes to lite the reels. Just couldn’t get Leds to look any good.




Fitted back in the game, had no match sticks or tooth pics to fix the flogged out holes, so used the

“ol solder hack�.

All screws now tight.

Looks nice all back together







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Looks sensational


Thanks. Almost ready for a game. 🙂


I also changed to a softer plunger spring. Now feels how it should.


So just need to fix the right scoop, needs to be TIGged up plus new decal and flasher socket fitted to it.


Another GI lamp behind the right side of the half pipe, couple of spotlight repairs and most importantly, the trim kit painted or powder coated.


Here’s a quick video


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Hey Edy, hope you are well mate.



What’s the “ old solder hack�?


Literally filling the holes with solder? Cold I assume!


Heard of the toothpick/skewers and glue fix but not this.


Cheers & we hope to see you soon,




Doing ok again Vin.

Hanging in there and getting stuff done.


You assume correct. When out of the woods to fix, fold solder off the roll 3 times or more if needed, fill the hole and Bam. Screw tightens.

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Brilliant. Gonna try this.




Don’t tell anyone that I told you 😀


Large match sticks or wood skewers are best.


Even though Hashman uses his skewers for a different reason, he always had some in hand for me to use.

Edited by Dedrok
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Ok. Added a light to the half pipe on the right. Is a bit tight. And really needs 2.






With limited room and no surface mount boards to repurpose, I ended up going through a couple of additions until I got it right.

2 is definitely better.



This one didn’t fit



We have a winner, soldered direct and just fits. May have to revisit, but good enough for now.





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  • 2 weeks later...

For those that thought I’d dropped off the perch, the other day while doing a couple call outs, I got the scoop welded up.


I just need to clean the weld inside, polish up and re decal then install it.

Will be updating. Just been very busy knocking other jobs over.





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Finished up the kickout scoop.

Filed flat the weld, polished the whole lot, added the decals, installed a new flasher holder and wired up. Finished off with a clear dome and blue flasher.

















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Put back together today and tweaking a few switches here and there.

Installed the shiny side rails and swapped over to chrome legs.


Also started to push the scores up a bit.

Still some tweaking to go before it leaves for a new home.








Love the flasher light show at games end.


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