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iPhone App that trims long videos into 30 second segments

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Anyone know of any iPhone apps that trim your videos into 30 second (or adjustable) timed segments?


You can't mms/sms any clips longer than 30 seconds and it's a pain in the butt (and virtually impossible) to edit an 8 minute video into 30 second segments in the standard iphone app. It's crap!

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If anyone's interested I found one that does the job, but you have to buy the pro version for $3.99 if you want to do long videos.




It doesn't do it automatically but you can see the time that you're cutting and trimming via start and end sliders. It took me about 15ish minutes to cut a 9 min video into 25 sec segments once I worked out what was going on. Would've taken less if I didn't have fat fingers.

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