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2 hours ago, ajfclark said:

Al Brown calls it "To chew or not to chew". Meat that you think of as chewy is usually a prime candidate for slow cooking. Shoulder, hocks, shanks, ribs, etc.

Bits that make nice 3 minute a side steaks... the fillets, rumps, backstraps, etc don't take to slow cooking as well.

Chuck steak on the other hand makes for great slow cooking.

I'd just look at the cut diagrams and go from there. Someone else already did the hard work:


Neck and shoulder would be my picks for slow roasted venison.

I'd save your backstrap for tartare or something.

To hug or not too hug?

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No friend of the SSAA I'm afraid. Threatened "advising" the authorities I hadn't visited one of there SSAA firing ranges so therefore I may or may not be honoring the target shooting obligation of my license.

There argument quickly evaporated when I said I bought my own property and I have a target range on it but I didn't take to kindly to the "Sporting Shooters Association of Australia" threatening me unless I continued paying there yearly......I think it was $125.....to make the problem go away.

Still, that book looks exactly what I'm after. Do the SSAA rangers have that book?.

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Not sure where to get it Steve but Im guessing from their website?. They sent me a copy for free as I contributed. I disregarded all their letters for years to do the compulsory 4 shoots a year at the range. Nothing came of it. I went when I felt like it and at my choosing which was basically checking my hand loads to ensure the rifles and loads were as good as I could get them. I did in the end, and because trips are lesser these days, opt out of the target side of my license and just used Hunting as my genuine reason with an authority from a cocky mate at Tottenham. 

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