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Arcade / Games Room in progress... Finally !!

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Hi all,


Just want to say, this part of the forum always attracts me as I love reading and seeing how all your Arcade / game rooms come together.

So thought I would share my build with you all... :)


This has been a dream of mine for a long time now and I've been planning it for a long time.

Always something else gets in the way financially, so kept getting put off.

Then I went through a few months of trying to get quotes...

This was harder then it should have been as no one was getting back to me and I'd found I'd be chasing them to get the quote.

Then it seemed to take forever to get the permit, I think this was due to the garage company being so slow for whatever reason.

Anyway it just seemed a lot harder then it should of just to get to the point where I could order the kit for the garage.

Was also battling with the never ending rain !! :x

I worked out the water was flowing in from the lane next door, so I dug a trench all the way down the lane so it no longer could flow or seep onto my land.

That made a hell of a difference and within a few weeks it was ready to be prepared for the slab.


I decided on a 12m x 7m, here are some progress pictures of the build.


Here is pegs roughly marking out where it will be:


Mowed the grass as short as I could as work was beginning the following day:


Work has started !!!! :)


Foundations for slab, then the slab was poured a couple of days later:



Now the waiting game began again as the garage place seemed like the they were putting jobs in front of mine ??

They told me the builders would arrive a week after the slab was poured, that week came, no builders, no contact and again seemed like I had to chase things up to get somewhere.

I was told another week, again that week arrived, no builders, no contact, so I chased them up again ! I kept getting told the same story... That there was a job was inline before mine :boring:

Another week went by, you guessed it !! no builder, no contact, I chased then up and got feed the same story, "there was a job inline before mine" LOL.

I'd had enough and had a bit of a crack at him, now he knows I'm not happy :realmad:

I went home, about an hour later I got a call saying the builders will be there in the morning :rolleyes


Garage kit arrived:


Hour later, the frames for the walls were done:


This was all they could do for the day as the idiots forgot to bring the insulation with them !!

Not the builders fault, it was the garage place that let the builders down, so they went home for the day

and couldn't return until the following week :(

The garage place kept saying they would deliver it, each day went by until the day before the builder were coming back and still no insulation :x

So I wasn't going to rely on them any longer ! I threw the trailer on and went and picked it up myself !!

When I arrived at the garage place, the guy said the all famous line... " I was just about to come to your house to drop the insulation off " PFFT !! yeah right !! :lol


So builders are back, insulation, wall sheets are on the wall frames and standing them up right:


Both walls up, with the back wall and frame for the roof:


Roller door and Roof are on:


Sliding door fitted and front panels on, nearly there, just odds & ends to go:


Builders have cleaned up and gone home, so its Finally finished !!! :035:



So whats going to fill it ???

Wait and read my next post............

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Are you running underground wiring to the shed?


Yep, hopefully will have a couple of quotes done very soon.


- - - Updated - - -


Pfft. @Vadership. Your games room isn't big enough.



They are never big enough!

If you build it, you will fill it.




I did want bigger, but this will so for starters :)

But your right, ill fill it in no time !!


- - - Updated - - -


I have a gamesroom warming present for you

its a CP I borrowed off a guy who used to live in Drouin


Owe yeah, forgot all about that panel !!

Sorry Dave, I've sold the 2 lowboys I had, so its yours now :lol

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OK, so earlier this year (end of May, start of June roughly) a container arrived at my house full of games from the US, about 3/4 were mine:


Here's some pics of its arrival:



I only had a double car garage that I work from and store an old car of mine.

Here is how that turned out when the container arrived:


Yes there's a car in there somewhere :lol


Also had to move some in the house, this was my computer room before the Arcade invasion:


Managed to fit 4 pinballs and 6 or so Arcades, along with my Racing simulator (out of Picture) and all my other crap.

I have a pretty big walk in robe in that room, so I moved my everyday PC in there :rolleyes

Had about 50 to 60cm to walk through and get to my PC :blink:


Now that the new garage is up, I moved most of them out there:



I also got myself a Jukebox:



So there they are...... I have a lot of work to do :redface

I need to get the sparky out, then start getting the plaster up, carpet and all that stuff.

But in the meantime ill start trying to get some machines going (as probably half don't work at this stage) and converting them to the Australian 240v.

I want to get them all going first, then ill start working on cosmetics.


Once the plaster is up and painted, ill be able to push the machines against the walls and get some sort of organisation :confused:

Oh yeah and there's more on the way :blink:

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That's awesome, did you travel to the US and hand pick the games or did you do the transaction over the net?




No just over the net, in which handing over thousands of $$$$ to someone I've never met was a hard thing to do :o

I did my research on the guy and knew what to expect from the service and the condition of the machines.

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Great line up and selection of games! :023:


I'm looking forward to seeing more classics up and running. Considering the size of your shed, and the great games to go in it, you're going to have one great looking games room!


Hey, that's not my missing Space Invaders by chance? :lol





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Hey, that's not my missing Space Invaders by chance? :lol


Most likely ! you know what their like :rolleyes

My pole position is a different one then I had bought, but good thing is, the cab on this one is in better condition :)

The board need work though !

It wasn't booting at all when I first powered it on, cleaned & reseated some IC's which got it semi working.

The game is on screen, but is all green where the road should be.

Also missing the player car engine sound :(

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Most likely ! you know what their like :rolleyes

My pole position is a different one then I had bought, but good thing is, the cab on this one is in better condition :)

The board need work though !

It wasn't booting at all when I first powered it on, cleaned & reseated some IC's which got it semi working.

The game is on screen, but is all green where the road should be.

Also missing the player car engine sound :(


Yeah, I think they sell the same game a few times thinking another will come in to replace it.


How many back doors are missing from your games?





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Awsome Dan!!

Shed looks great but that container full of goodies is just arcade heaven

Does that mean that the parts orders will take longer as you will always be in the shed!!

Look forward to seeing them all up and running


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that is one insane collection mate, how did you go about getting the shipping container sent over, was it all organised in the states and delivered to your door through one company that supplies arcades?


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