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380degrees - AFM, Black Rose, BSD, CV, Corvette, DM, IJ (WMS), JD, Junkyard, MM, MB, Popeye Saves The Earth, Scared Stiff, TAF Special Collector's Edition, The Champion Pub, The Shadow x 2, TOM, TOTAN x2, T2, TZ, WCS '94, WH20, Who Dunnit

63wizz - Red & Ted's Road Show, ST:TNG, The Flintstones, Xenon

acejas - LW3, WH20, WWF Royal Rumble

acropolis - Firepower, IJ (WMS), Stargate, ST:TNG, SWEP1

adrian m - Dracula (Stern)

Adzy8383 - Fireball Classic, SF2

afeott - Star Wars Trilogy, ST:TNG, TFTC, WWF Royal Rumble

ajfclark - Al's Garage Band Goes On A World Tour, Dr Dude, Pioneer, Space Station, ST:TNG

AlexMc - AC/DC BIBLE, Black Pyramid, Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball, Dirty Harry, Doctor Who, Far Out, Fireball Classic, Fish Tales, GB, Genie, Harlem Globetrotters On Tour, Jackpot (WMS), JD, Kiss (Bally), Meteor, Motordome, Sinbad, Spy Hunter, ST:TNG, Tee'd Off

allsportdvd.com - Black Rose, CFTBL, DM, GNR, LW3, MB, Monday Night Football, NBA Fastbreak, No Good Gofers, Red & Ted's Road Show, T2, The Shadow, TOM, TSPP, WCS '94, WWF Royal Rumble

Amigas - Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, AFM LE, Elvis, Funhouse, GB (Prem), MB LE, MM LE, TFTC, The Avengers Infinity Quest (LE), The Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard

Ando77 - Breakshot, BSD, Metallica MoPLE, No Fear: Dangerous Sports, Spiderman, The Getaway: HS2

Andrew11951 - 007 Secret Service, Popeye Saves The Earth, Star Trek (Bally)

andy7272 - BSD, No Fear, The Getaway: HS2

andyboot - CV, Dialed In!, IJ (WMS), Kiss (Bally), Metallica (Prem), Scared Stiff, Star Trek (Prem), Star Wars LE, ST:TNG, TAF, TOTAN, TZ, WH20, WOZ 75th Anniversary Edition

Andyj965 - JD, Middle Earth, Red & Ted's Road Show, Sorcerer, Star Wars

andykmv - Gladiators

Arcade King - Black Hole, Bride of Pinbot, CV, Hyperball, TZ, Xenon

arcadus - Doctor Who, Freedom, Gorgar, Jive Time, Karting, Outer Space, PINBOT, Spin Out, Take Five

AskJacob - A.G. Soccer-Ball, Black Rose, Dracula, IJ (WMS), Magic (Stern)

AtariTam - Banzai Run, CFTBL, Cyclone, Funhouse, Harlem Globetrotters On Tour, Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man Pinball, Star Wars Trilogy, The Getaway: HS2, The Incredible Hulk

Audioenslaved - Iron Man, TWD LE, WH20, WOZ Rescue Edition, X-Men Magneto LE

aulantern - Camelot, LW3, RFM, T2

Auspanties79 - The Flintstones

AussieKelvin - Fish Tales, ST:TNG, TZ, WH20

Baconfryingpan - Jurassic Park, Maverick The Movie, Spin Out

Bally - Centaur, Elektra, Vector

Ballywannabe - Centaur, Cheetah, Flight 2000, Meteor, Nine Ball, Paragon, Quicksilver, Seawitch, Space Shuttle, Star Gazer, Star Trek (Bally)

banger181 - Capt. Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy, Dolly Parton, Kiss (Bally), Nugent, Strikes and Spares, TOTAN

Banshee Freak - Blue Chip (WMS), Contact (1934), Full House, Hurricane, Metallica MoPLE, Odds & Evens, Shaq Attaq, Solar Fire, Space Invaders, Stellar Wars, Super Star (WMS), The Amazing Spider-Man, World Challenge Soccer

beerman - Home Run, Liberty Belle, Miss America '75, Op-Pop-Pop, Relay, Strikes And Spares, TFTC, Ticker Tape, Top Card

Bendragon - ST:TNG

Benny - Funhouse, TAF

bigALshoalhaven - Jungle Princess

bigdaddy - IJ (WMS), JD, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Red & Ted's Road Show

BigKid1980 - Batman (Stern), Fish Tales, Transformers LE (Combo), WH20

BIG Trev - Dennis Lillee's HOWZAT!, FJ (Hankin), Orbit 1, The Empire Strikes Back

bingoman - Flicker, GOTLE, LOTR, MM LE, POTC, WOZ AULE

BioBa - AFM, Batman (Stern), Baywatch, JD, Spider-Man, Star Trek (Pro), ST:TNG, TOM, WCS '94

Bishop - Band Wagon (Bally), County Fair (Bingo), Dirty Harry, Firepower II, Fish Tales, IJ (WMS), Prospector, Red & Ted's Road Show, The Shadow

BlackKnight2000 - Black Knight 2000, Buck Rogers, Centaur, Charlie's Angels, Flash, Hi-Deal, PINBOT, Surf Champ, TZ

Blktgr74 - Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, Devil Riders, Hook, Jumping Jack, WCS '94

blown36 - IJ (WMS), TAF, TZ

blue95 - All Stars (Chicago Coin), Blackwater 100, Frank Thomas' Big Hurt, Grand Prix, Jacks Open, Jungle Lord, Kings of Steel, RFM

Bluebear - Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

bma - Mata Hari, Sinbad

bongostar - Funhouse, IJ (WMS), The Flintstones, WH20

borgattard - Elvis, Freddy: A Nightmare on Elm Street, Space Shuttle, The Getaway: HS2, WCS '94

boskie - Hook

bossninja17 - Aquarius, Jungle Princess, Pioneer, Pro-Football, Riverboat, Super Spin

boxingkoala - Star Trek 25th Anniversary

brado - Flash, Galaxy, Gorgar, Paragon, Seawitch, The Six Million Dollar Man

Brett2280 - 24, AFM, Big Guns, Dr Dude, Firepower, Galaxy, Harlem Globetrotters On Tour, JD, Space Race, Spy Hunter, Supersonic, The Machine: Bride of Pin*bot, WCS '94, Xenon

bretty - Dale Jr, elvis Gold, Family Guy, Iron Man, POTC, Stargate

Brk_oth - AC/DC BIBLE, Banzai Run, BSD, CFTBL, Fish Tales, High Speed, JD, Kiss (Bally), Playboy (Stern), RollerCoaster Tycoon, Space Gambler, Swords of Fury, The Simpsons (DE), TZ

Bubatom - CFTBL, DM, The Shadow, WCS '94

Buildn - AFM, GB LE, MM, Star Trek LE, The Hobbit (LE), WOZ ECRELE

Bump - IJ (WMS)

Burra749 - TSPP

busboy - Rescue 911, The Getaway: HS2

buzzbox - Golden Arrow, Prospector

bwodie - LOTR, Spider-Man, ST: TNG, T2, TAF, TSPP, TZ, WH20

cadmunt - CV, IJ (WMS), Star Trek LE, WH20, WOZ AULE

cardwhiz - Big Shot (GTB), Card Whiz, Drop-A-Card, Flying Carpet, Jacks Open, King Pin, Sky Jump

casperthefriendly - RFM, TZ

Ceemunkey - Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle, Alien LV, Deadpool (Premium), GB (Prem), Iron Maiden (Prem), Rick and Morty, Star Trek (LE), X-Men Magneto LE

cejay - Black Knight, Cleopatra, Cosmic Princess, IJ (WMS), Sinbad, Starship Troopers, Terminator 2

Chambo - AFM LE, GB (Prem), GNR LE (JJP), Iron Maiden LE, LZ (Prem), TAF,  WH20, WOZ Rescue Edition

chillie - AC/DC BIBLE, AFM, Avatar LE, CFTBL, CV, Demolition Man, Doctor Who, Elvis, King Pin (EM), Medieval Madness, Metallica, Spider-Man, TOTAN, TOM, Who Dunnit, WOZ

clarky351 - Jungle Lord, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, RFM

Claude - Fish Tales

clickaus - TZ

Cooked71 - AC/DC LUCI, Aerosmith LE, Batman (66 LE), CFTBL, Doctor Who, Firepower, Flash, Gorgar, Iron Maiden LE, Metallica MoPLE, NBA Fastbreak, Paragon, Pharaoh, TAF, The Munsters (LE), Total Nuclear Annihilation, TWD (Prem), Vector

coolspot - Cannes

Corones - 4 Square, Baywatch, Black Rose, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, CFTBL, Class Of 1812, Demolition Man, Elvis, Fish Tales, Gilligan's Island, Jurassic Park, LOTR, Operation Thunder, Playboy (Stern), Star Wars, T2, Tee'd Off, Transformers, Tron, WCS '94, X Files

correva - Stargate

countryhick - Black Knight

Crafty - Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Jurassic Park, Klondike, Love Bug, Mariner, NBA Fastbreak, Spanish Eyes, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Getaway: HS2

daics3522 - Fire!

dale79 - Cue Ball Wizard

DARBS - Funhouse, Guns N' Roses, IJ (WMS), JD, LAH, NBA Fastbreak, ST: TNG, TFTC, The Getaway: HS2, WH20

Darksoul - Doctor Who, Eight Ball Deluxe, TAF, AC/DC, Close Encounters, FLash Gordon, Flash

dazby - AFM, CV, IJ (WMS), LW3, MB, MM (x2), TAF, TZ

dbryar - Johnny Mnenomic, The Getaway: HS2

ddstoys - 400, Big Casino, Captain Kid, CFTBL, Firepower, Gorgar, Hayburners II, Hot Shot (GTB), Hyperball, Jungle Princess, King of Swat, Marathon, Pompeii (Shuffle Alley), Race-Way, Rapid Fire, Rebound, Score-A-Line, Strikes And Spares (Bally), Super 7, Ten Strike, The Empire Strikes Back

Dean Morgan - Asteroid Annie And The Aliens, Clown (Zaccaria), Count-Down, Dragon, EATPM, Empire Strikes Back (Hankin), Fish Tales, Jumpin' Jack's, Meteor, Rocky, Sinbad, Star Trek 25th Anniversary

Dedrok - DEDPIN (Virtual), EBD, Evel Knievel, Family Guy, Hot Tip, Iron Man (Pro Vault Edition), Metallica LE, Spirit Of 76, Sure Shot

defender1980 - Charlie's Angels (GTB), Fast Draw, Hotdoggin', Independence Day, JD, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Sinbad, ST:TNG, T2 (x2), X-Men Wolverine LE

delarge - AC/DC (Pro), Capt. Fantastic, Family Guy, Freddy: A Nightmare on Elm Street, GB, GNR, Metallica (Pro), South Park, Star Wars, Super Mario Bros, T2, The Incredible Hulk, The Simpsons (Data East), TSPP, TWD (Pro)

DevoDave - Fish Tales, Star Trek 25th Anniversary, ST:TNG, The Flintstones

Dez - Corvette, Scared Stiff, TAF, Taxi, The Machine: Bride Of Pinbot, WH20

dezbaz - Hot Shot

DialogPimp - JD, LOTR, POTC

Dicky - Bad Cats, High Speed, Lost In Space, MM, Scared Stiff, Star Wars (Data East), The Getaway: HS2

dict8 - Paragon, Rocky & Bullwinkle, TOM

DieselDave - Iron Man (Pro Vault Edition), LOTR, NBA Fastbreak (x2), The Getaway: HS2, WH20

dimes - CSI

DivMon - Bobby Orr Power Play, Doctor Who, The Machine: Bride Of Pinbot

dizamo - AC/DC (Premium), Bram Stoker's Dracula, CV, Indianapolis 500, Spider-Man

djc - AC/DC (Premium VE), Doctor Who, GNR, Metallica (Pro)

DJ-pinball - GB LE, Iron Maiden (LE), Jurassic Park (LE), Metallica (Prem), POTC LE, Total Nuclear Annihilation, WOZ ECLE

DKong - F-14 Tomcat, Firepower, Fish Tales, T2

dloe007 - WCS '94

dmeca - GNR, IJ (WMS) (x2), Jurassic Park (DE), Star Wars (DE), TAF (x2), TOM, WWF Royal Rumble

DOG - AC/DC BIBLE, AFM, Cactus Canyon, Centaur, Doctor Who, Evel Knievel, Fathom, Metallica MoPLE, MM, MB, Scared Stiff, TAF, The Champion Pub, The Machine: Bride of Pin*bot (2.0), TRON Legacy LE

Dredd - BSD, Flash Gordon, JD, LOTR, Metallica

Drisco - CFTBL, Corvette, Dialed In!, GOTG, Iron Man, Mustang, South Park, TSPP

Drphat - Batman Forever, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Dutchy - Eight Ball Deluxe, Firepower, Grand Lizard, Jacks Open, Jurassic Park, Sinbad, Strikes And Spares

dylzy - NBA Fastbreak

Dyson - Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Egames Arcade - Black Rose, Harlem Globetrotters On Tour, Red & Ted's Road Show, U.S.A. Football

electromechanicalman - 3D, Airway, Aquarius, Around the World, Big Broadcast, Black Knight, Capt. Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy, Casino, CBW, Centaur, Chicago Express, Contact, Cross Town, Doctor Who, Dux, Expressway, Fish Tales, Flash, Flash Gordon, Genie, Gilligan's Island, Gorgar, Gypsy Queen, Harvest Moon, Heat Wave, Hot Line, IJ (WMS), Jacks Open, Joker Poker, Jumping Jack, Jungle Lord, King of Diamonds, Kiss (Bally), Lite-A-Card, Mata Hari, MiniZag, Mystic, Paragon, Pinball Pool, Playboy (Bally), Pro-Football, Rainbow, RFM, Royal Flush, Skill Pool, Solar City, Sound Stage, Spanish Eyes, Star Trek (Bally), Star Wars (DE), Stop and Go, ST:TNG, SWEP1, TAF, The Getaway: HS2, The Machine: Bride of Pin*bot, Top Score, Triple Action, TZ, WH20, World Cup, World Series

elkor-alish - Diner, The Champion Pub, The Getaway: HS2, TOTAN, WH20

Eors - Avatar LE, GOT LE, MM LE, Star Trek LE, The Avengers LE, TRON Legacy LE, Whirlwind

ezyprofit - Cactus Canyon, TAF, TOM, TZ



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Fair Dinkum Dan - Asteroid Annie And The Aliens, Black Hole, Blackwater 100, Break Shot, Catacomb, Centigrade 37, Circus, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Devil's Dare, Dixieland, Doctor Who, Dolly Parton, Egg Head, Eye Of The Tiger, Farfalla, Fathom, Flight 2000, Force II, Gemini, Genie, High Hand, Hot Dogg?n, Howzat: Dennis Lillee, IJ (WMS), Mars - God of War, Maverick, Medusa, Pinball Champ, Pinball Magic, Pinball (Stern), Pioneer, Playboy, Q'Bert's Quest, Rancho, Rocky, Sinbad, Ski Jump, Space Invaders, Spirit, Spooky, ST:TNG, Stellar Wars, Superman, The Sopranos, Time Line, TZ, Volcano

Fairground - Doctor Who

felixthadog - TAF

femto - Card Whiz

Ferro - KISS (LE), LOTR LE

Fezlar - Apollo 13, Elvis, IJ (WMS), Jacks Open, Road Kings, TAF

figgi77 - WCS '94

Finny - BBB, BSD, Cactus Canyon, Centaur LE, CFTBL (x2), CV (x2), EBD, Funhouse (x2), Hyperball, IJ (WMS), Jack*Bot, JD, MB (x2), MM, No Fear: Dangerous Sports, Pinball Magic, RFM, Scared Stiff, ST:TNG, SWEP1, T2, TAF, The Champion Pub, TOM, TOTAN, TZ, Xenon

FLEX - Aztec, Gulfstream

flipper50 - AFM, CC, CV, MB, MM, ST:TNG, TOM, TOTAN, TZ

flynnyfalcon - Funhouse, Jurassic Park (LE), Quicksilver, Stars, WCS '94, Whirlwind

Foot - Black Knight 2000, Duotron, Firepower

Ford Fairlane - Aztec, Grand Slam

Fortyfour - Dr Dude, Fish Tales, The Party Zone, Tri Zone, Wheel Of Fortune, WPT

Freddykaboodle - Houdini Master of Mystery, Phantom of the Opera

fridgejam - CV, IJ (WMS), Jurassic Park, LOTR, TOM

fringert - A.G. Soccerball, Centigrade 37

Fry - IJ (WMS), South Park, TSPP

furballx - JD, MM, The Getaway: HS2

g5k - T2

Gap - AC/DC BIBLE, Centaur II, CFTBL, EATPM, Family Guy, Freefall, High Seas, Kiss, MB, MM, Power Play, Scared Stiff, Sky Divers, Sky Jump, Sky Kings, Spider-Man (Black), The Flintstones, TOM

gapmaster - ST:TNG, T2, TZ

Gav - CV, IJ (WMS), LOTR, MB, RFM, Spider-Man, TOM, TZ, WCS '94

Gazz - AC/DC (Pro), Eight Ball, Evel Knievel, Fire Queen, Funhouse, GNR (DE), Haunted House, Iron Maiden (Pro), Kiss (Bally), Mata Hari (SS), Playboy (Bally), Strikes And Spares (Bally), TAF, TZ

GEE - Black Hole, CV, Doctor Who, LOTR LE, MM, RFM, Safe Cracker, Starship Troopers, TZ, WCS '94

Gemini2544 - Black Rose, Cleopatra (SS), Cue Ball Wizard, DM, Moon Flight, Play Pool (GTB), Space Mission, Stargate, Take Five (A/L Cocktail), Target Alpha, Wild Fyre, WOZ LE

Genie - Baywatch, Congo, Genie, Kiss, LW3, Roller Disco, WCS '94

getaway - Black Rose, CFTBL, Diner, Dr Dude, Fire!, Fish Tales, Gilligan's Island, Swords Of Fury, TAF, The Getaway: HS2, The Party Zone, WH20

ghostassassin88 - Nags (WMS), Outer Space

GIBO - AC/DC BIBLE, AFM, Attila The Hun, Black Knight, Clown, Dolly Parton, Dr Dude, Farfalla, Johnny Mnemonic, Magic Castle, Millionaire, MM, Pinball Champ, Robot, Silverball Mania, Soccer Kings, Spider-Man, ST:TNG, Take Five (Cocktail), Time Machine, Time Warp, WH20

gints - Congo, Fish Tales

goodolddays - Black Hole, CFTBL, El Dorado (GTB), Firepower, Lady Luck, Playboy (Bally), Space Odyssey, Thoro-Bred


gottman - Black Hole, Flash, Gorgar, Haunted House, Jungle Lord, Jurassic Park, Magic, Rocky, Skateball, Spirit

grant.md83 - T3, WH20, World Defender

Grefla - SMB, Spin Out

grifter - Whirlwind

Gruntis - Fish Tales, Johnny Mnemonic, The Flintstones, TSPP

gum - AFM, CC, EATPM, Family Guy, MM, Scared Stiff, Spider-Man, TOTAN, TZ

Guy with a Pinball - AC/DC (Prem), CFTBL, Cyclone, Doctor Who, Family Guy, High Roller Casino, Hot Hand, Hot Shot, KISS (LE), Monopoly, Mustang LE, Star Trek LE, Supersonic, Who Dunnit

hamish_nz - LOTR LE, TSPP, TZ

hamo54 - Frank Thomas' Big Hurt, Harlem Globetrotters On Tour, Sure Shot, Twister

Harts - LW3, No Fear: Dangerous Sports

Hashman - BSD, Congo, CV, GOTLE, Indianapolis 500, Iron Man (Pro Vault Edition), JD, KISS (Prem), Metallica MoPLE, No Fear: Dangerous Sports, No Good Gofers, TWD LE, TZ

hathro - WH20

Hatska1 - CFTBL, Indianapolis 500, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, NBA Fastbreak, ST:TNG, TFTC, The Machine: Bride of Pinbot

havoc43 - CV, Doctor Who, IJ (WMS), Maverick The Movie, TAF, TOTAN, TZ

highlander2287 - Stargate, ST:TNG

Homepin - BSD, Playboy 35th Anniversary, The Getaway: HS2, Winner

horseyboy69 - Elvis, PIN*BOT

humpalot - Black Hole, Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball, Captain Kidd, Centaur, CFTBL, Cyclone, Diner, Doctor Who, Earthshaker, EBD, Fathom, Fire!, Fish Tales, Flash, Flash Gordon, Funhouse, Haunted House, High Speed, IJ (WMS), Joker Poker, Jungle Queen, Jurassic Park, LAH, Lost World, MM, SMB, South Park, Space Invaders, Space Shuttle, TAF, The Simpsons (DE), The Six Million Dollar Man, Time Warp, Top Racer, TZ

IAMWZL - Metallica MoPLE, POTC, Spider-Man, The Avengers LE, Transformers Decepticon LE, TRON Legacy (Pro)

illawarra_steelers - Abra Ca Dabra, Blue Chip, Bowling Queen, Capersville, Capt. Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy (EM), Centigrade 37, Cleopatra (EM), Close Encounters of the Third Kind (EM), Corral, Cover Girl, Egg Head, Fireball, Fun Fair, Galaxie, Happy Clown, Hot Shot, Ice-Revue, Jacks Open, Jungle Queen, Klondike, Love Bug, Magnatron, Mini Pool, Pleasure Isle, Royal Flush, Sinbad (EM), Sky Jump, Spanish Eyes, Super Score, Texas Ranger, Wizard, World Fair

ITmonkey - Funhouse, IJ (WMS), Jurassic Park, Popeye Saves the Earth, ST:TNG, TWD LE

Jamie - Harlem Globetrotters On Tour, Space Invaders, T2, T3

jasongd - Haunted House, IJ (WMS), The Getaway: HS2

jason_giant89 - AC/DC (Premium/LE), Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle, Austin Powers, Avatar (Pro), Batman (Stern), Baywatch, Black Pyramid, Canasta 86, Centaur II, Deadpool (Pro), Doctor Who (x2), EATPM, Flash, GB (Pro), GOT (Pro), Hook, IJ (Stern), Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Pro), Iron Man, Johnny Mnemonic, Jurassic Park (Pro) (x2), KISS (Pro), Locomotion, LOTR, Mach 2.0 Two, Magic Castle, Metallica (Pro), Monopoly, NBA (Stern), No Fear: Dangerous Sports, Paragon, Phoenix, POTC (Stern), RBION, Rick And Morty (Standard), Shrek, Sinbad, SMB, Space Invaders, Spider-Man, Star Trek (Pro), Star Wars (Comic Art Pro), TAF, The Avengers (Pro), The Avengers Infinity Quest (Prem), The Champion Pub, The Incredible Hulk, The X Files, TMNT (DE), TMNT (Pro), Transformers (Premium/LE), TRON Legacy (Pro) (x2), TSPP, TWD (Pro), WPT, X-Men (Pro)

jaw - JD, Stargate, RFM, WH20

Jed - Magic Castle, PIN*BOT

Jesder - PIN*BOT, Star Trek 25th Anniversary, SWEP1, The Machine: Bride of Pin*bot (2.0)

Jesusfrijmagnet - LOTR, Spider-Man, TOM, TOTAN

jimagram - High Speed, Mousin' Around!


jiveturkey - The Six Million Dollar Man

Jodannar - Batman Forever, Big Guns, Flight 2000

Joe eramo - LAH, Striker Xtreme

joele - BSD, Fish Tales, IJ (WMS), TRON Legacy

Johns-Arcade - Black Knight, Doctor Who, Funhouse, Haunted House, High Speed, TAF, The Getaway: HS2, TZ

Jonathon Miller - SMB

jordano8 - Breakshot, Cactus Canyon, CV, IJ (WMS), MB, MM, Pinball Magic, RFM, Safe Cracker, Scared Stiff, SWEP1, TAF Gold, The Flintstones, TOM, TOTAN

JPrice73 - ST:TNG

judgeboz - TAF Gold, The Champion Pub

jug123 - LW3, TZ

jukeola - AC/DC BIBLE, AC/DC LTBR LE, Avatar LE, CSI, Dale JR LE, Elvis Gold, Harley Davidson (2nd Ed), Harley Davidson (3rd Ed), Iron Man, LOTR LE (x2), MM, NASCAR, POTC, Rolling Stones, Scared Stiff, Spider-Man (Black), The Avengers Hulk LE, The Rolling Stones LE, TOM, Transformers Decepticon LE, Transformers LE ("Combo"), TRON Legacy LE

Jules - GNR, Haunted House, RFM, Safe Cracker, ST:TNG, Star Wars (DE), SWEP1, The Champion Pub, The Getaway: HS2, The Shadow, TSPP, TZ, WH20

jumpydoctor - Black Rose, Dennis Lillee's HOWZAT!, JD, Rollergames, Swords Of Fury, Top Card, TZ, Wild Fyre

jyebow - Golden Arrow, Hi-Lo Ace, Pioneer

kaverne - WH20

Kayno - Kiss, Power Play, Tri Zone, Universe (Zac)

Keeno - ST:TNG, TZ

Kenny - CFTBL, GNR, IJ (WMS)

kimzone - Fish Tales, GB LE, GOT (Pro), Iron Maiden (Prem), Metallica (Pro), POTC (Stern), RBION, The Getaway: HS2, WH20, X-Men Wolverine LE

king-pin - Atlantis, Bad Cats, Big Guns, Black Rose, Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball, CFTBL, Corvette, Diner, Dirty Harry, DM, Doctor Who, Dr Dude, F-14 Tomcat, Fire!, Funhouse, Harley Davidson, Hurricane, Jack*Bot, JD, Jokerz!, Millionaire, MM, Mousin' Around!, NBA Fastbreak, No Fear: Dangerous Sports, PIN*BOT, Police Force, Pool Sharks, Radical!, Rollergames, Space Station, ST:TNG, SWEP1, Swords of Fury, T2, The Bally Game Show, The Flintstones, The Getaway: HS2, The Machine: Bride of Pin*bot, The Party Zone, TOM, Transporter the Rescue, Truck Stop, TZ, WCS '94, Whirlwind

kirk332 - Black Knight, Doctor Who, GB (Prem), IJ (WMS), JD, LOTR, LW3, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, ST:TNG, The Getaway: HS2, WH20

kkb - Grand Slam, Pinball Champ, The Flintstones, Wild Life

knight76 - Red & Ted's Road Show, The Flintstones

ktm450 - A.G. Soccer-Ball, Cosmic Princess, Metallica (Pro), MM (Remake), Playball, Pro-Football, The Getaway: HS2, TZ, WCS '94, WH20

ktmrex - Eight Ball Champ, EBD, Fireball Classic, Kiss (German), Kiss (USA), Mata Hari, Rolling Stones, Silverball Mania, Strikes and Spares

Lanegan27 - Cyclone, PIN*BOT, Robocop, Space Station, Spirit

leefull - WWF Royal Rumble

lewislama - ACDC (Prem), Batman (Stern), Baywatch, Black Pyramid, Family Guy, Fish Tales, Ghostbusters (Pro), Jokerz!, Magic (Stern), Metallica (Pro), Meteor, South Park, Star Wars (DE), The Getaway: HS2, The Machine: Bride of Pin*bot, The Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard, Trident, Whirlwind

LiveToRide - Red & Ted's Road Show, Twister

litz - AFM, Cactus Canyon, Fish Tales, Junkyard, MB, MM, No Good Gofers, RFM, TAF, TZ, WH20

lkadlec - Doctor Who, Joker Poker, Sinbad, TAF, The Getaway: HS2

loki4101 - Out of Sight, SF2, Space Shuttle

longreach - Austin Powers, Batman (Stern), T2

luke - LOTR LE, MB, TOM, X-Men Wolverine LE



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madal - Attila the Hun, Black Knight 2000, F-14 Tomcat, Firepower, Hook, Pinball Magic, Scorpion

madturbo123 - The Flintstones

mamejay - The Getaway: HS2, The Party Zone

Manny65 - AFM, Alien LV, CFTBL, Firepower (x2), IJ (WMS), Jurassic Park (LE), MB, MM, ST:TNG, T2 (x2), The Shadow, TZ

Martyj - Black Hole, Black Knight, Funhouse, Police Force, Star Wars (DE), Taxi, The Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard

martymoose - Nugent

matt229825 - Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, Dr Dude, Earthshaker, Flash, Popeye, Red Baron, Top Speed

mattie4270 - Funhouse, Playboy (Bally), RollerCoaster Tycoon, TAF, WPT

matto9018 - Space Shuttle, The Getaway: HS2

Mattsball - AC/DC LTBR LE, GB LE, KISS (LE), Legends of Wrestlemania (LE), Metallica MoPLE, MM LE, Spider-Man VE, Transformers LE ("Combo")

maxi - BSD, Corvette, CV, Doctor Who, Elvis, Family Guy, Fish Tales, GNR, Hurricane, IJ (WMS), Junk Yard, Scared Stiff, ST:TNG, TAF, The Getaway: HS2, The Shadow, TOM, TOTAN, TSPP, TZ, WCS '94, WH20, WHO dunnit, WPT

Maxwell - Centaur, Space Invaders, WHO dunnit

mcfly - AFM, TAF

mckie1 - Doctor Who, Star Trek LE (#13)

m3rl1n - Duotron, Fish Tales, Jacks Open, Red & Ted's Road Show, Spider-Man, TAF, WH20

mervace - ST:TNG, The Flintstones, Tri Zone

Michael1 - IJ (WMS), ST:TNG, TOM, TZ, WH20

Michi - POTC

Mickey Juice - Funhouse, Swinger

micko_ja - BSD, LW3

micky - Fish Tales, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, NBA Fastbreak, No Good Gofers, The Flintstones, TRON Legacy, X-Men (Pro)

millsy56 - Bazaar, BSD, Sweet Hearts

mix_vt_cal - AFM, EATPM, IJ (WMS), MB, MM, PIN*BOT, Scared Stiff, The Machine: Bride of Pin*bot, TOM, TOTAN, TZ

mjdoz - Grand Slam, Space Invaders

mjfisher1974 - BSD, Cannon Lagoon, Cosmic Cart Racing, CV, Dialed In!, Heist, Jurassic Park, Lexy Lightspeed Escape From Earth, RFM, Scared Stiff, SWEP1, The Hobbit, TOM, TZ, WOZ ECLE

Monaro - Big Guns, Striker Xtreme

mooncresta - BSD, Centaur, CFTBL, Doctor Who, Freddy: a Nightmare on Elm Street, No Fear: Dangerous Sports, RFM, Space Invaders, Whirlwind, WH20

Mosdef - CBW, RFM, Star Wars Trilogy

Mrgarethh - Foto Finish, Hit the Deck, Jacks Open, Playball, Playboy (Bally), Quick Draw, Shrek, TSPP, TZ, Volley

MrMaloo - AC/DC LTBR LE, Avengers LE, Fish Tales, LOTR, Metallica MOPLE, Star Wars Trilogy, The Six Million Dollar Man, Thunderbirds

mrscags - AC/DC LUCI, IJ (WMS), Star Trek (Pro), The Champion Pub, The Getaway: HS2, The Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard, TOM, WH20

Mr Pinbologist - Buck Rogers, Cosmic Princess, Dracula (Stern), Galaxy, Gorgar, Hot Hand, Jacks Open, Jurassic Park (DE), Kiss, Mibs, Pinball Pool, Solar Ride, Stellar Wars, The Six Million Dollar Man

Mr Pubstuff - Fish Tales, Red & Ted's Road Show, ST:TNG, The Getaway: HS2, WH20

Mr Tilt - Hurricane, TZ

mrwolf - WWF Royal Rumble

mtmellum - Firepower, Harlem Globetrotters On Tour, Skateball

muchostyle - JD, Scared Stiff

mullet - The Machine: Bride of Pin*bot, The Party Zone, TOTAN

mxd - Congo

n4sa - DM

namastepat - Firepower, Junk Yard, Meteor, Phoenix

narf_ - Batman

NATJAMES - Doctor Who, Eight Ball Champ, TZ

necroscope - Batman (Stern)

Neku - WH20

nick18121 - Batman Forever, DM, Doctor Who, Meteor, Star Wars Trilogy, ST:TNG, SWEP1, The Empire Strikes Back, WOZ ECLE

Nick64 - BSD, CFTBL, Fish Tales, Funhouse, Jurassic Park, Space Shuttle, Strikes and Spares, ST:TNG, The Machine: Bride of Pin*bot, TZ, WH20

nickavitch - Red & Ted's Road Show, WCS '94

nigelicious - WCS '94

NoelC - Devil Riders, Genie, LW3, Miss America Supreme, Star Wars (DE), Tee'd Off, TZ

nzmendo - SF2

odlaw72 - Iron Man, Johnny Mnemonic, LAH, Maverick The Movie

Oldskool1969 - 2001, BBH, Fish Tales, Gilligan's Island, High Hand, LW3, Radical!, RBION, Solar City, Super Straight, WNBJM

onetaste - AFMR SE, Barracora, Black Jack, Cosmic Princess, Dirty Harry, EBD, Godzilla, Iron Man, Magic Castle, Nine Ball, Pinball Magic, Sinbad, Star God, Stars (x2), Star Trek (Pro), The Shadow, Tri Zone, TRON Legacy (Pro), Viking, X-Men Wolverine LE

osiris873 - Doctor Who

OurManinOz - CV, Family Guy, Fish Tales, Haunted House, IJ (WMS), MM, RFM, TAF Gold, The Hobbit (LE), TOM, TZ

outbreak - JD, Sorcerer, Striker Xtreme, Whirlwind

ownerbuilder - The Empire Strikes Back, The Getaway: HS2

OzBlackKnight - Time Warp

ozimoose - Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends

Pando - Robocop

parch31 - Black Knight, Gorgar

Parramaniac - AC/DC (Prem)

Pash - Dennis Lillee's HOWZAT!, Flash, Harlem Globetrotters On Tour, Jack*Bot, Lucky Card, Orbit 1 (x2), Shark (Hankin), Solar Ride, The Empire Strikes Back

patric67 - 4 Square, Flying Circus, Royal Guard, Top Card

Paul KAZ - DM

pauloz - AC/DC (Prem), AFM, Batman (66 LE), Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball, Iron Maiden LE, LOTR LE, Metallica MoPLE, MM, POTC, Scared Stiff, Skyrocket, Star Trek LE, Star Wars LE, TOTAN, TWD LE, TZ

Paulpau - World Cup '90 (Mr Game)

paulthedude - Space Invaders, Strikes and Spares, The Empire Strikes Back

PeterW - Fast Draw, Magic (Stern)

PhoenixSlave - Phoenix

pieces - Hot Hand, Maverick The Movie

Pinballben93 - Bad Cats, Black Knight, Black Knight 2000, Circus (Zac), Pool Sharks

pinballcat - CV, Doctor Who, Fish Tales, IJ (WMS), JD, Junk Yard, NBA Fastbreak, No Good Gofers, Red & Ted's Road Show, RFM, ST:TNG, The Champion Pub, The Getaway: HS2, TOTAN, TZ, WH20

PinballCharlie - Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, TZ, Volcano

pinball-collector - "8 Ball" (WMS), Big Game (Stern), CBW, Charlie's Angels, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Dennis Lillee's HOWZAT!, Dirty Harry, Doctor Who, Dragon, Evel Knievel, FJ (Hankin), Foto Finish, Gorgar, High Speed, Jurassic Park, Orbit, Outer Space, Shark, Space Riders, Strikes and Spares, Superman, T2, TAF, The Empire Strikes Back, The Getaway: HS2, The Incredible Hulk, The Six Million Dollar Man, TMNT, WH20

Pinball Dude - Space Invaders

pinballer3 - Banzai Run, CFTBL, Congo, Doctor Who, Funhouse, Hook, IJ (WMS), Jurassic Park, Mousin' Around!, Pinball Magic, Red & Ted's Road Show, Shaq Attaq, Star Trek (DE), Star Wars (DE), Star Wars Trilogy, ST:TNG, TAF Gold, The Machine: Bride Of Pin*bot, The Shadow

Pinball_Freak - AMH, BSD, Doctor Who, Metallica (Prem), Pinball Magic, TZ, Wipe Out, WOZ AULE

pinball god - TZ

pinballist - Baywatch, CBW, Skipper, Spin-A-Card

Pinballnz - Black Hole, Black Knight, Blackwater 100, Centaur, Cosmos, Devil's Dare, El Dorado, Elektra, Embryon, Fathom, Fish Tales, Flight 2000, GNR, Hayburners II, IJ (WMS), Jungle Lord, Kiss, LAH, Medusa, Night Moves (Cocktail), Old Chicago, Paragon, Seawitch, Sinbad, Star Trek, ST:TNG, Surf Champ, The Getaway: HS2, Top Score

Pinballs Forever - AC/DC, Back to the Future, Batman Forever, Doctor Who, GB LE, GNR, IJ (WMS)

Pinball Shed - Aladdin's Castle, Class of 1812, Elvis, Klondike, Mac Attack, Straight Flush

pinchi - TAF Gold, TOTAN

pinfrog - Centigrade 37, Fathom, Harlem Globetrotters On Tour, Jacks Open, Kiss, Paragon, Playboy, Strikes and Spares

Pinheaded - Golden Arrow, Indianapolis 500, Lady Luck (WMS), Stargate, WCS '94

Pinlinds - AC/DC (Prem), Alien Poker, Blackout, Embryon, Firepower, Gorgar, JD, MB, Metallica (Prem), RFM, ST:TNG, Xenon

pinmike - AC/DC (Prem), Black Rose, BSD, CFTBL, Doctor Who, Family Guy, Fish Tales, GB LE, GNR, IJ (WMS), Indianapolis 500, Iron Man, LOTR LE, MB, Metallica MoPLE, MM, No Good Gofers, RFM, Safe Cracker, Spider-Man, Star Trek LE, ST:TNG, TAF, Taxi, The Flintstones, The Getaway: HS2, The Shadow, TOM, TOTAN, TRON Legacy, TSPP, TWD (Pro), TZ, WH20, Whirlwind, WWF Royal Rumble

pinrookie - AFM, CFTBL, Iron Man, NBA Fastbreak, Star Wars (DE), TZ

PinSinner - WH20

pistolpete78 - AFM, CV, LOTR LE

Plong -pocketmoney - AFM, Big Guns, Black Knight 2000, BSD, Centigrade 37, F-14 Tomcat, Iron Man, MM, Swords of Fury, Volcano, WCS '94

pocketscience - AFM LE, Atlantis (GTB), Black Rose, Checkpoint, Strange World, Surf Champ

poidapoida - Fireball II, Fish Tales, High Speed, Meteor

Ponty - Judge Dredd, Twister

potwinkle - Clown, LOTR, Spider-Man

ppohlman - JD, T2

prktkljokr - Totem

prowler - TZ

psyninja - TFTC

pureguava - BK2000, Black Rose, BSD, CFTBL, IJ (WMS), The Shadow, TZ, WH20

PURPLE BAT - AFM, Cactus Canyon, Congo, CV, IJ (WMS), MB, MM, No Good Gofers (Prototype), Scared Stiff, TAF Gold, The Champion Pub, The Getaway: HS2, TOM, TOTAN, TZ, WCS '94, WH20

rabbits - Centigrade 37, Count-Down

radirgyman - JP (Stern), Metallica MoPLE, WH20

Railways - Capt. Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy (EM), CFTBL, Fathom, Firepower, Fish Tales, IJ (WMS), Iron Man VE, Playboy (Bally), Red & Ted's Road Show, TAF, The Flintstones

RaMpAgE - Black Hole, Firepower, Gorgar, Hearts Spades (Cocktail), Kiss, TAF, TZ

RaoulJuke - Banzai Run, CFTBL, Class of 1812, Cyclone, F-14 Tomcat, Funhouse, Grand Lizard, Harlem Globetrotters On Tour, Haunted House, Hot Hand, Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man Pinball, Paragon, Q*Bert's Quest, RFM, Shaq Attaq, Starship Troopers, Star Wars Trilogy, The Getaway: HS2, The Incredible Hulk

Rat - PIN*BOT, The Flintstones

Rawdon - Buck Rogers, CFTBL, Count-Down, CV, EBD, Firepower, Jungle Queen (x2), Space Invaders, Spanish Eyes, Stingray, Supersonic, Surf Champ

raysco - AFM LE, Deadpool, Flash, MB LE, Meteor, Taxi

razorsedge - AC/DC (Premium VE), Batman Forever, Baywatch, BSD, DM, F-14 Tomcat, JD, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Maverick The Movie, Red & Ted's Road Show, Swords of Fury, TAF, The Flintstones, The Getaway: HS2, TMNT, TOM, TZ, WH20

Redback - Blue Chip, Bone Busters Inc, Comet, Dogies, EATPM, F-14 Tomcat, Mars God of War, Raven, Spanish Eyes, The Party Zone, The Shadow, TX-Sector, Victory

Reddog - Aztec, Big Shot, Harlem Globetrotters On Tour, King Pin, Surf Champ

Red Series 3 - WH20

RetroBorg - IJ (WMS)

revolt - SMB

rez - Black Hole, Capt. Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy, Centaur, Spirit, ST:TNG, The Simpsons (DE), Whirlwind

ribbo835 - AC/DC (Prem), Batman (Stern), Family Guy, Spider-Man (Black), The Avengers LE

richyrich - Congo, CV, Radical!, Spider-Man (Black), The Shadow, TOTAN

riverinapinball - Genie, Independence Day, Kiss, Mata Hari, Paragon, Power Play, RFM, Strikes and Spares, The Party Zone, WH20

Rob1966 - Cover Girl (GTB), Fun Land, King Pin (GTB), KISS (LE), Playboy (Bally)

rocky2 - AFM, Batman Forever, Congo, Doctor Who, Haunted House, LOTR, MM, Safe Cracker, ST:TNG, TZ

rod65 - BSD, WH20

rod71 - Eight Ball, Kiss, Paragon, Stars

ROLLERBALL - Gulfstream, LAH, Stars, TFTC, The Flintstones



Edited by felixthadog
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rook519 - AFM, CFTBL, Scared Stiff, Swords of Fury

rusty_dagger - Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, Aerosmith (Pro), Avengers Infinity Quest (Premium), Godzilla (Pro), Guns n Roses LE, Led Zeppelin (Premium), Mandalorian (Pro), Star Trek (Pro), Stranger Things (Pro), Time Warp, TMNT (Premium)

Ryan138 - JD

Ryan555 - The Party Zone

saber007 - Alien, GB LE, GOTG LE, IJ (WMS), MM LE, Red & Ted's Road Show, Star Trek LE, ST:TNG, TRON Legacy LE, TZ, Whirlwind, Xenon

Sartana66 - 2001, BSD, Capersville, Centaur, Dealer's Choice, Flying Carpet, King of Diamonds, King Tut, Master Stroke, Pinball Champ, Police Force, Road Kings, Royal Guard, Time

Savage - MB, MM, TZ


schmake - BSD, Doctor Who, SWEP1

Scottt - Diner, Rollergames, Whirlwind

Scratch2k - T2, TAF

screwloose - AFM, CV, CFTBL, Family Guy, Firepower, IJ (WMS), Jurassic Park, MB, MM, Scared Stiff, Shark (Hankin), TAF, The Flintstones, The Party Zone, TOM, TZ, WH20

seanj - Dirty Harry, Goldeneye

Sega_australia - Batman Forever, Goldeneye

Sgtmax - AC/DC (Prem), WH20

shansta - Caveman, Pro-Football, The Party Zone

shedstuff - EATPM, Eight Ball, Fireball II, Fish Tales, Jack*Bot, Scared Stiff, Sinbad, ST:TNG, TZ

Shinzawai - Doctor Who, Lady Luck (Recel)

shmilder - LW3, Playboy (Bally)

Shock_And_Awe - AC/DC BIBLE, Aerosmith (Premium), BSD, Fish Tales, Iron Maiden LE, Metallica MoPLE, MM, TAF, The Champion Pub, TWD LE, WH20

shootar75 - Dennis Lillee's HOWZAT!, JD, LOTR LE, Spider-Man, The Champion Pub, WH20

shooter - Stargate

silverbak - CV, TZ, WH20

silverball - AC/DC LTBR LE, AFM, Banzai Run (x2), CV, Elvis, Funhouse, GNR, IJ (WMS), MB, Medusa, Metallica MoPLE, Playboy (Bally), Playboy (Stern), Red & Ted's Road Show, Rocky, Scared Stiff, T2, TAF, The Champion Pub, The Sopranos, TOTAN, WH20

Simowizard73 - AC/DC (Premium VE), Cyclone, Star Trek 25th Anniversary, TFTC

skids - Black Knight, Card Whiz, EBD, Grand Lizard, Vector, WCS '94

skitz - Corvette, Red & Ted's Road Show, TOM, The Getaway: HS2, WH20

Skybeaux - Black Jack, Cactus Jack's, Firepower, Lucky Seven, Playboy, Power Play, Solar Ride, Strikes and Spares, Supersonic, The Incredible Hulk, Triple Strike

Skyntara - Fish Tales

slammer - Cactus Jack's, Dr Dude, Indianapolis 500, T2, The Getaway: HS2

slayer - TAF Gold

sleazius - AC/DC BIBLE, AFM LE, Algar, Alien LE, Banzai Run, Batman (Stern), Black Hole, Black Knight, Black Knight 2000, Black Pyramid, Blackwater 100, BSD, CFTBL, Corvette, CV, Cyclone, Deadpool (LE), Doctor Who, Dr Dude, Embryon, Escape from the Lost World, Family Guy, Fathom, Fireball II, Fish Tales, Funhouse, GB LE, GOT (Prem), GOTG LE (x2), Haunted House, Hercules, Hyperball, IJ (WMS), Iron Man, JD, Joker Poker, Kings of Steel, Lost World, LOTR, MB, Medusa, Metallica MoPLE, MM, Monopoly, Mousin' Around!, No Fear: Dangerous Sports, No Good Gofers, Pinball Magic, POTC LE (JJP), Rapid Fire, RFM, RollerCoaster Tycoon, Safe Cracker, Scared Stiff, Skateball, South Park, Spider-Man (Black), Spirit, Star Trek (Bally), Star Trek LE, Star Wars LE, ST:TNG, Swords of Fury, T2, TAF Gold, The Avengers LE, The Getaway: HS2, The Hobbit (Smaug Edition), The Machine: Bride of Pin*bot, The Sopranos, TOM, Total Nuclear Annihilation, TOTAN, Transformers Decepticon LE, TRON Legacy LE, TSPP, TZ, Varkon, WCS '94, WH20, Whirlwind, WOZ ECLE, X-Men Magneto LE

slevbro - All Star Baseball, BSD, Count-Down, Dennis Lillee's HOWZAT!, Frank Thomas' Big Hurt, Gorgar, Grand Prix, Joker Poker, Jumping Jack, LOTR, Memory Lane, Paragon, Quick Draw, Solar City, ST:TNG, Tee'd Off, Volley, WWF Royal Rumble, Xenon

smartyohmss - Playboy 35th Anniversary

Smithy - Funhouse, MB

snapperjoe - Buccaneer (x2), Elvis Gold, GNR, Jack In The Box, Scared Stiff, Spider-Man (Black)

soundasleep - Lights...Camera...Action

spacies - Black Hole

sparkythepinmonkey - Hot Tip, Klondike

Special When Lit - Buckaroo (GTB), Friendship "7", Ice Show, Lucky Strike, Magic City, Skill Pool, World Fair, Zig Zag

SpiritOf'76 - Johnny Mnemonic, The Shadow

SPURR - Bank-A-Ball (GTB), El Dorado, Flying Carpet, Gorgar, Grand Slam, High Hand, Hollywood, Hot Race, Jacks Open, Lawman, Miss-O, Nautilus, Stars, Top Card

sriley50 - Doctor Who, Fish Tales, RFM, The Getaway: HS2, Taxi, X's & O's

staceyamusements - Red & Ted's Road Show, WCS '94

Steve2010 - Embryon, Fathom, Flash Gordon, Frontier, Nitro Ground Shaker, Power Play, Skateball, Star Trek (Bally), Viking

Stickyalien - Cosmic Princess, JD, Jurassic Park, Meteor, Star Trek (Bally), WWF Royal Rumble

StoveBolt - Capt. Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy, Grand Prix, Old Chicago, Ro Go, Sky Kings

Strahany - Firepower, Red & Ted's Road Show, Star Trek (Bally), Star Trek 25th Anniversary, Time Warp

Strydr - IJ (WMS)

stuba - "300", Cactus Canyon, Capt. Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy, CFTBL, Corvette, Cross Town, CV, Doctor Who, Dolly Parton, EBD, El Toro, Fish Tales, Flip a Card, Flying Chariots, Fun-Fest, Genie (x3), Golden Arrow, IJ (WMS), Joust, Jungle Queen, Kiss, Loop the Loop, MB, Medusa, Mibs, MM, Nitro Ground Shaker, Paradise, Phoenix, Pinball Magic, Playball, Playboy (Bally), RFM, Royal Flush, Sky*Line, Snow Derby, Solar Ride, Space Invaders, Spirit of 76, ST:TNG, Strato-Flite, Strikes and Spares, SWEP1, Target Alpha, T2, TAF, TOM, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Sopranos, Thoro-Bred, TZ, Viking, WH20, Wild Life

stuzza - LW3

sugoiorson - Cactus Canyon, Congo, DM, Doctor Who, Funhouse, GB (Pro), IJ (WMS), JD, Red & Ted's Road Show, RFM, The Flintstones, The Getaway: HS2, The Hobbit, TOM, WH20, WOZ

Supremicus - Doctor Who

swampy76 - CFTBL, Fish Tales, LOTR LE, TOM

SwedishTaxi - Cleopatra, Sharkey's Shootout

swinks - Ghostbusters (Pro)

symonz - Baywatch, BSD, Grand Prix, Johnny Mnemonic, RBION, Red & Ted's Road Show, Stargate, TFTC

Syzlack - Fish Tales

Talby - BSD, Fireball Classic, GNR, Hook, Jacks Open, JD, Jurassic Park, Pennant Fever, Police Force, RFM, Sinbad, Superman, The Incredible Hulk, WH20

TemptedMusic - Fire! Champagne Edition, Millionaire, Secret Service, Surf Champ

terry007 - Flash

Thasaman - Drop-A-Card, Paragon, Pinball Magic, Spirit of 76, ST:TNG, TAF, TFTC, Waterworld, WWF Royal Rumble

thebri.001 - Fish Tales

theintelligent1 - Freddy: a Nightmare on Elm Street, TZ, WCS '94

thejudge - Count-Down, Fish Tales, High Hand, Joker Poker, Lawman, Royal Flush, Solar Ride, TFTC

The Scotsman - JD

TheYellowDart - Jungle Princess, Playball, Rollergames

THUGS-R-US - Grand Prix, GNR, IJ (WMS), Junk Yard, MB, MM, Radical!, ST:TNG, The Champion Pub, TOTAN, TZ, Volley

Timbo - Iron Maiden LE, Iron Man (Pro Vault Edition), TWD LE

timmychap - Congo, Strikes and Spares, ST:TNG

tnpshow - Baby Pac-Man, Flash Gordon, LAH, Lost World, Magic (Stern)

toads - AC/DC BIBLE, Dennis Lillee's HOWZAT!, Fireball (EM), FJ (Hankin), Funhouse, Metallica (Prem), MM, Orbit 1, Paragon, RFM, Shark (Hankin), Spider-Man, The Empire Strikes Back, The Sopranos, Total Nuclear Annihilation

tony-t - Ali, Batman (66 LE), CFTBL, Congo, Devil Riders, Diner, Future Spa, Iron Man, LAH, Meteor, Paragon, RBION, Rocky, SMB, Spider-Man VE, Spirit of 76, T2, TFTC, The Champion Pub, The Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard, Title Fight, Viking, Wheel Of Fortune, X-Men Wolverine LE

tony90 - Indianapolis 500, Laser Ball, LW3, Shangri-La

tophervette - Doctor Who

trol - Meteor

TV1 - Cyclone, EBD, Funhouse, IJ (WMS), The Party Zone, TOM, TZ

VIDME - AC/DC BIBLE, CV, Kiss, Playboy (Stern), ST:TNG, T2, T3, TAF, TOM

Virgil Tracy - Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, Big Guns, Earthshaker, Jokerz!, Rollergames, TFTC, Time Machine (DE), Transporter the Rescue

visualmagic - CV, Funhouse, Star Wars (Pro), ST:TNG, TZ, WH20

visy - Target Alpha

wako - Dr Dude, Motordome, Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man Pinball, Pinball Pool, SMB, Tee'd Off, Waterworld

wallaroo1979 - F-14 Tomcat, Fish Tales, Flash Gordon, Flight 2000

wamprat - Iron Man, X-Men

waser - Eight Ball

Weird Ed - AFM, BSD, CV, Doctor Who, Fish Tales, Funhouse, IJ (WMS), LOTR, MB, No Good Gofers, Safe Cracker, Scared Stiff, T2, TAF, The Getaway: HS2, The Shadow, TOM, TOTAN, TSPP, TZ, WCS '94, WH20, WHO dunnit

Whitewater - AFM, Black Rose, Centigrade 37, Jurassic Park, MM, Rick And Morty (Standard), Scared Stiff, The Sopranos, TOM, Torpedo Alley, TOTAN, WH20

Wiked - Fish Tales, IJ (WMS), Star Trek LE, ST:TNG, TAF, TOM, TZ

wingtipvortex - Phantom of the Opera, Space Shuttle

wiredoug - Black Hole, Centaur, Cosmic Gunfight, Fathom, Firepower, Junk Yard, Kewpie Doll, King Pin (GTB), Medusa, Taxi, Whirlwind

WOKA - Batman (Stern), Fish Tales, MB, MM, RFM, TAF, TOM, WOZ

wolfy - CFTBL, Count-Down, CV, Grand Prix (WMS), JD, MM, RFM

Wombat - IJ (Stern), LOTR, Spider-Man, Star Wars (DE)

wonder1 - Back to the Future, Big Together, Big Town (Playmatic), Comet, Dirty Harry, Disco Fever, F-14 Tomcat, Firepower, Fish Tales, IJ (WMS), Lost In Space, Pharaoh, Space Shuttle (x2), Spider-Man (Black), T2, TAF Gold

Wotto - Batman (66 Prem), Deadpool (Prem), Iron Maiden (Prem)

xygt - Bad Girls, Big Game (Stern), Devil's Dare, Doctor Who, Kiss, Miss World, Super Nova, The Getaway: HS2, WCS '94, Xenon

yannakisdee - BSD, High Roller Casino, The Getaway: HS2, WCS '94

Yiros87 - Funhouse, TSPP, WH20

zanderzone - Bad Cats, Clown (Zac), Magic Castle, Moon Flight, Firepower, Pinball Champ, Space Invaders, Space Shuttle, The Six Million Dollar Man

zarz - TSPP

zimmerpete - IJ (WMS), TZ

zombiefreak - LOTR

Zorn - Centaur



Arcade machine owners list -----------> Click here.


Edited by felixthadog
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  • 1 year later...
Add Gottlieb Sweet Hearts and Bally Bazaar thanks Dan




I have had a BSTD for a bit. Please add Dracula.


I've put it down as the Williams Bram Stokers Dracula (I presume that is what you meant by BSTD). Let me know if it is the Stern one.


please remove lotr le and afm

:)and add twilight zone , thanks .








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I moved your post from the "Sited Pins List" thread to here. I presume you meant to post it here? :unsure


Added to the list!






:lol:lol - I did the opposite about 5 minutes before your post Emohawk:lol. Thankfully its been removed:redface
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:lol:lol - I did the opposite about 5 minutes before your post Emohawk:lol. Thankfully its been removed:redface


Yeah, funny how you two both posted in the wrong threads. I moved your post too, Jeff, then deleted it in the Sited Pins thread due to it now being a double post. :120:





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