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New Pin Day !!

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Ok....finally have got a Addams to add to the line up and couldn't be happier. uploadfromtaptalk1461922985622.thumb.jpg.4c65f92b5162b22d74cd0cd877b746f8.jpguploadfromtaptalk1461923003982.thumb.jpg.7a2268c73588e03a4c4bd000b9ed422f.jpguploadfromtaptalk1461923018938.thumb.jpg.cc1fb8cae96864bf1668a1314b2f355e.jpguploadfromtaptalk1461923028279.thumb.jpg.d9c872b40fcfa3e7b53577ee9ad6dcd2.jpguploadfromtaptalk1461923036723.thumb.jpg.b3519daf7ceca6ab4c6574e119f9e0cf.jpg

Sorry if the quality of the pics isn't quite the best. All i wanted to do is get it setup, level ish pluged in and start playing......lol


BTW you can't wipe the smile from my face ATM 😆

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