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Pinball repair course.(Brisbane)

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Ok I'm just going to put it out there to see how many would be interested if we were able to get somthing organised for Brisbane.

Please indicate if you would be a "definite" or "interested" so we can get some actual confirmed numbers. Then if we need to top up numbers we can approch the "interested" parties to help fill spaces.


P.S. If some could put a link in the "How to fix your Pinball" thread to this one I'd appreciate the help.


LINK as requested

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I have did this course a few years back and its a wealth of knowledge if you want to learn how to trouble shoot your own machines. it will even save you time finding where the trouble is and how to fix .

Norbert is a great teacher and shows you the best way to go about problem solving faults.

Glad I attended.

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5 definate and 6 interested so far.....


I see in the Sydney course they only had 4 in attendance today. I hope this pole so far maybe shows it could be worth while conducting the same course here in Brisbane.

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Joined in 2011 and first post today? Welcome off the bench :lol
Hmm @ Manny65 , you've only been here a short time mate and some long term members only post once in awhile so its relative methinks.
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Good work guys. I'll tell Norbert on wed and see if I can get him to formally advertise. Any ideas on a venue?


Thanks Duncan. Guess we need to know what Norbert prefers to organise himself versus what we can help him with. If he wants us to help locate a venue then we'd need to understand what he requires to run his course (eg what sort of venue is Norbert ok with to run the course, are there specific machines or types of machines he'd like to use/demo, do you need desks/tables for the attendees to take notes or for Norbert to have equipment laid out on and does he need/use a projector at all ...). Anyway have a chat with him and let us know what things we can help him out with.

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