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Pinball / Arcade Expo 2017

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Not really a secret, and I've dropped numerous references around the traps (including here on AA) but yep, Dan and I are doing it again. Very early, venue isn't locked in, but it will be happening.


I just need to say from the outset that the scale will be different this time around. Expo 2014 damn near killed us, and almost killed my interest in the hobby. We had 236 games last time around, expect this time that it'll be more like 120-150. We're going to take it back a notch and focus on delivering more DMD and less EMs.


Michael won't be involved this time around, and it goes without saying there will be no auctions.


Depending on the venue enthusiasts will be able to bring their own games to sell. The proviso is that they are on free play for the duration of the event, with pickup of sold games on the Monday. They'll also need to pass tag and testing. If it isn't working when you bring it, I'll ask you to take it away. No point bringing broken games into the venue, and we won't have the techs to spare to repair your game. I'll get more into this a bit further down the track.


I will also do my best to find an insurance provider who will allow a 'car boot' area in the venue where people can come to trade *used* parts.


Let the fun and games begin.



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