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Hyper Olympics Run problem

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My nephew likes to play Hyper Olympics on Mame cab and it seem not to be not sprinting at full speed. on the old games family board the buttons all worked as they should.

ran some tests but i can't fix it.

pressing button 1 real fast to sprint works okish.. pressing buttons 1 & 3 alternatively makes him practically stop sprinting .


tried setting the windows repeat rate to 0.3 and it did stuff all.

tested on keyboard ctrl and spacebar and (ipac4) control panel buttons.

even player 2 buttons sprints had same problems.

any ideas why this is happening? whats a fix?


cheers for any solutions

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Never had a problem with it.


You say button 1 & 3.


Have you tried 1 & 2 instead? Sound to me like you're pressing the wrong button OR the controls are mapped incorrectly.



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default mapping is B1 run, B2 jump, B3 run.

checked it .

it's some sort of key press delay.... you can run with B1 and B3 separately ok but not under 10sec because of the delay . Then if you run alternating 1,3,1,3,1,3 fast he stops running.

Its the PC settings somewhere i reckon.

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These are just a couple of wild guesses as to possible issues....


1. Windows repeat speed won't/shouldn't make any difference. This is used to set the repeat rate when you hold a key down - this is not how MAME would work. It will be looking for a key press, key release, key re-press if that makes sense. Otherwise in games like this or any number of shooters you could just hold the button down.


2. A keyboard encoder is really just a keyboard being fired off by a mircoswitch - HyperOlympics on MAME (on .150 that I tested) does not like having two buttons down at once. e.g. set your run buttons to Z & M. Hold down Z and he starts running, but try hitting M without releasing the Z key and he does nothing. This sounds like a possible cause of your issues - when you are hitting buttons as fast as you do in HO, chances are you'll have one button down at the same time as you hit the other and nothing/slow running will happen.


It's a joystick killer, but try remapping your run buttons to left and right on the joystick - I'm sure you'll find you'll max or nearly max out the running speed - this is because a joystick unlike two buttons can not have both left and right microswitches down at the one time. That fixing the issue doesn't really solve your problem, but it would make me look into the particular keyboard encoder you are using and whether or not it supports two or more key presses at a single time - and even if it does, it doesn't fix the problem within MAME itself.


Not 100% on all of this, just thinking out aloud.



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Yep John I was thinking the same way...

A clone game uses the joystick and it was fast...

i had tried the joystick map and it was still more or less same as 1 button run.

i'll test out another version of Mame and on different Pc tomorrow to narrow it down.

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Pretty sure I was using .106 when we last played this in the MGL - and the joystick kicked ARSE! I could never play for 4+ hours using buttons on an original arcade - in fact I don't think I ever got past the 2nd level but more likely because I couldn't do hammer throw BITD, so maybe download .106 and give it a go with both joystick and buttons and see if it makes a difference. Keyboards aren't made to register two or more keys being pressed at once which is what makes me think this could be an issue, having said that, lots of shooters have no issue with you holding the joystick in one direction while hitting shoot buttons at the same time...... I'd need to revisit my C/C++ days to see how MAME handles this, and that is not going to happen :lol
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gave up and just remapped Atlant Olympic (bootleg of track & field) to use joystick or B1 & B3 run and B2 jump

can do under 10 sec sprints now.


Glad you got it going.


Check out the individual records for each event when this was last played (albeit with a lot of controversy) in the MGL - http://www.aussiearcade.com/showthread.php/52169-MGL-15-Game-3-Hyper-Olympics-COMPLETED


8.45 in the 100m was the best time by yours truly :)


I think I played for nearly 4 hours, but was still beaten. Trust me, play for this long and you will lose actual weight and your hands/arms will hurt for the next day.


If you want to see how this game is played by the master of Track & Field/Hyperolympic - check out the videos by Hector - https://www.youtube.com/user/FlyHec

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