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Batcave Masters Scheduling 13th - 15th November


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This is the current schedule but is open to changes due to running short, running long, etc. Pingolf runs on Friday as it is the only event that is open ended. If it transpires that too little of the field has completed their pingolf rounds, the final will be moved to Saturday night starting at 8pm. All event times are flexible at this stage, but this is the preliminary schedule.




9am - 8pm Pingolf (starts when you rock up, 18 holes, only stipulation is you must play with at least 1 other player)


8:30pm Pingolf Finals (top 16)




9am - Main Event Start


We keep going until we finish 6 rounds.




9am - Main Event Finals (top 16)


12pm - 2 Strike (Best of 3), we keep going till its done - should be between 11 and 13 rounds depending on number of attendees. Chance of upgrading to 3 strike on the day depending on time, all participants will be notified at the commencement of the event.

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