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Pinball Lifters or Dollies

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On 09/12/2022 at 6:58 PM, ANT68 said:

I'm getting another lot manufactured but will be months away. 

Not sure of the price yet but they will be more expensive.

If anyone if keen please let me know

Thanks Tony 

Hey Mate, Any update on these?


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23 hours ago, Railways said:

I'm not sure if these have been mentioned before but they look the goods but on smooth surfaces only according to the blurb.

Move It Triangular Dolly - Bunnings Australia

Hey Mate,

These are my current\past solution, they work find just moving around a room on smooth surfaces, but if you hit any bumps they are a pain and tend to slip off, moving up and over lips etc needs lift on\off, I have used mine for a few years and they are cactus now. For someone just wanting to move pins around their room they will do the job, personally I want something to move mine over a few ticking spots.



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