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Just a couple of quick updates around my location;





Chelsea Heights - Chelsea Heights Hotel - Scared Stiff

Dingley Village - Kings Entertainment Centre - Roadshow, Monopoly

Frankston - AMF Frankston - Transformers

Moorabbin - Sandbelt Hotel - FT, TWD, SP, AC/DC Prem, TOTAN, KISS


- - - Updated - - -




Bartronica - CFTBL, TZ, TMNT, NBAF, DM, WCS94 - pins not in great condition

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Metropolitan Adelaide


Mitchell Park – Supa Deli - ? – 2/7/2015. It's a CSI. Why wasn't this here when I lived 2 minutes away?


Warradale – Warradale Hotel – FGY – 24/4/2014. Remove from list. The pin went ages ago.



- Australia’s Pizza House, 60 West Terrace – Stern Grand Prix – 04/01/2010. Stern Grand Prix and Stern Harley Davidson Second edition. 21/8/2015

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South Australia

Southern and Hills


Adelaide Hills Slot Raceway – FG (Diner being repaired) – 11/5/2015. Diner is back, but it ain't repaired. Flippers weak, ramp issues. But still, it is a machine with such a low replay that I have spent an afternoon on a dollar and left a heap of freebies on it before!


Woodside Hotel – GP – 11/5/2015. Swapped out for a Frankenstein. I would highly recommend against this machine as it's $2 a game and it has some really shet reset issues.


Cobdogla - District Club –FT – 26/11/2000. Really? 2000? 15 years ago? Well, it was still there last October!


Also, any SA pinheads confirm that there are still pins in Mannum? Heading up for a boys weekend later in the year and it'd be sweet if there were still five machines there!

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Nice work Pat! It looks good, very well formatted.


Here is an update:


Parramatta - The Commercial Hotel - BDK (right flipper weak, $2/5 ball, $4/3 credits) - 24/4/2014


Is now:


Parramatta - The Commercial Hotel - Pirates of the Caribbean - 26/08/15

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That reminds me of another Pirates... Loganholme - All the Fun of the Fair (Hyperdome) - Pirates of the Caribbean (constantly kept putting new balls into the plunger lane... not such a bad problem :)) - July 2015


I should pop 'round again and see if it's been fixed.

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Albert St Brisbane CBD iplay


Lord of the rings

Simpsons Pinball Party


so timezone = iplay from your listing. Still there in any event.


Timezone Albert St - AC/DC, TSPP, LOTR - 26/9/2014

Edited by JoeSoap
stupidly saw timezone is iplay
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Sited pins


I think it's just the Kiss Le for now.

Acdc and Met have been gone for some time.

He's giving me a full update of all sites next week after all the reshuffle is done.

I will then post it all up.

Thanks pat.



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Good to see you have my bar, The Jade Monkey on your list. FYI the Hurricane is currently in place with rebuilt flipper mechs & is working like a dream! To add to the list though The Barker Hotel in Mt Barker has a Twilight Zone in pretty good nick. It is in the gaming section though...


- - - Updated - - -


In SA that is...

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South Australia is smashing it with the updates. Nice work guys.


Poor old Tasmania hasnt had an update since 2012. Western Australia is not far behind. Are there no AA members in these states?


Im going to go to some of the Sydney sites soon and see if there are actually pinballs at some of these venues. Last updates 7 years ago for some of them. Ill need to get rid of some because the NSW post is hitting the 20000 character limit.

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NSW - Central Coast - Wyoming

Gosford Bowling Alley

Out - TOTAN and RFM

In - CV - playfield awesome, high wire lock dumps all balls when one is released and not enough power in back glass ball launch. Overall a nice machine with generous replay values.



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