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Extra blue wire in loom not on schematics - Bally Space Invaders

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A quick run down of my problem. I had a very hacked rectifier in my Space Invaders that I replaced with a Pin Head board. I sent the rest of the boards to @Skybeaux to test and repair. Thanks Ken!




Added new connectors for J1 and J3 to rectifier and wired up as per schematics. But there is a "spare" blue wire in the loom that is for the J1 connector to the rectifier board and all other wires are accounted for on J2 and J3. From the photo above it looks like it was attached to the 9 pin on the J1 connector but there is none in the schematics.




So with the spare blue wire unconnected, new rectifier and repaired boards installed I fired up the pin and nothing seems to be missing. MPU boots, Lights (GI, infinity lights, and the playfield ones that hadn't been pillaged by the previous owner work), sound, solenoids fire, can start a game and displays tick over.


Any ideas what this wire is for? And where should it go? :unsure



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wow .. robbed for sockets.. usually thats the last thing they take.

You have got some work ahead of you there. You can get the braid and sockets locally. You'll probably need an air stapler too.


- - - Updated - - -


look through the pics on the sold posts here..



lots of under playfield shots between them

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WOW! talk about cheap bastards who would rob a machine for the lamp sockets, and then sell it.


I hope it's not too much work for you to put it right.



euro operators... some would rob the paint off the cabinet if they could find a way to reuse it.

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You're right @wiredoug, it has come from Germany.


And the pics would be appreciated @Slypinball


I had been looking for another pin to have a go at repairing since I got my first one 6 months ago. So the perfect storm hit, called @mark.c to ask about a xenon he had advertised but that was gone but and he mentioned that he had a few project auctions finishing that night. That night happened to be State of Origin night. Started looking with a few drinks under my belt, which is always the best way to shop, and I do love the art on the SI and all of a sudden I got myself my second pin that I am happy with. It had link to 50+ plus photos so I knew what I was in for. So @Gemini2544, I just got a package from PB Resource so with he help I have had on AA, all I need to do is to repopulate the playfield and tackle the lights :)

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no idea which one is right sorry but its why they dont work ( it wont matter a lot - the end of the chain seems good its its close.. Does it appear to have broken off? Best you find someone with an SI and confirm.. maybe @Jamie can help


My apologies for not noticing this sooner to offer some assistance. Can see that the pics have already been posted but if I can help out in any other way let me know. Cheers.

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