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Astro City - refurb tech questions etc



Instead of posting multiple questions / posts ill use this for my technical stuff.


First thing I noticed is the inside of the shell is very rough and that It needed a good turpentine clean with a cloth to get rid of dust attacked to the inside, but as it was rough it was hard to clean due to friction and scraping.


So does anyone a product to spray over the inside so its a nice finish for future cleaning?


The inside may need some touchup light spray black on a few places then to smooth it all over for future wiping.


Overall the cab is in decent condition, I have a worklog on another forum here, which is publicly viewable there's already loads of images and I'd rather not have to post everything twice. Also some questions there most I know about, but feel free to chime in here with answers or solutions.


Basically using this one for more technical stuff as the other forum I doubt would get the traffic to answer them.


So firstly I'm interested in really smoothing the inside by spraying something over it so its no longer rough and easy to clean.


I also have a Megatouch 2008 system that came with the cabinet not working, but seems the motherboard has died and the system won't work swapping the hdd into a working system I have here. I also have all the components on that.


I imaged the HDD before testing it as the boot device,


Anyone know if its possible to get the touch glass / controller working stand alone?


These are the questions for now.

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I took the monitor into Jomac last Monday and he fixed it, turned out the neckboard got a bit knocked around in storage all these years.

Should be picking it up this afternoon.

Sorry I missed the earlier messages need to check notification settings on the new site.

I came down sick over a week ago and Monday after getting back from Jomac was really bad for the last week but starting to feel a little better.

As for depression it's not the best, being sick, not many friends etc just gets to you.

I started writing up the control panel properly now I have the led kit.

More work on that since the photo was taken I hot glued the sleeving to the CP and finished a couple connectors.


This below is the LEDs temp wired to test before I start on the short links you can see where those go above.



And I hot glued the end of the harness.


So progress is happening and it seems everything I'm doing I'm just adding more and more and it's taking longer, but one connector etc at a time and I'm moving forward towards the goal which is the main thing.

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I've been doing a lot of work on cables and testing the monitor I'll show soonish.

But I need someone to test a J-PAC as it's not working for me the video filtering.

PC direct to monitor is fine via J-PAC is no image at all.

I'm in Armadale WA and can give it anyone that's willing to test it for me .

Hope to hear from someone willing to test.

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