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Without you guys it would not have been possible - pinball expo 2014


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I want everyone to know that what we pulled off over the weekend would not have been possible without the help of the volunteers. The generosity of some people just blows me away. I guess it is part of what makes our hobby great.


This is by no means exhaustive, there were tonnes of people who put their hands up, but these are some of the key people who made the weekend possible.


Some of these guys worked 20hr days starting from Wednesday. The highlight of the event for me was the 'dinners' the bump in crew ate together at 2am having completely flogged ourselves moving machines.


- Edy (Dedrok) worked his arse off going through the DMDs for the 3 weeks prior to the event, also worked on getting some of Dan's wrecks... I mean rarities :) over the line. Then helped with the full bump in, comp, tech and just in general - directed much of the machine setup at the venue when I had to be elsewhere.


- Yee (rocky2) took a week off work and worked through bump in, the event, and then the bump out. Never complained once, and he worked his guts out.


- Dave (furballx) took a week off work and worked like a Trojan the whole time (for something different). Was on hand for all of it, got almost no sleep the whole week. Pretty sure he didn't leave the venue during open hours (9am-5pm, 7pm-4am). Delegated to get stuff done that needed to be done out on the floor so I didn't have to. Dave ended up being one of the event organisers in his own right I think.


- Luke, grabbed 2 stalls and also gave us a hand all Wednesday setting up and unloading, and then came back on Thursday night and did it all again.


- Michael's son Cameron, worked his guts out on the bump in and out.


- Craig and Garath did all of our electrical and helped set up and tear down machines, and were on hand most of Sat/Sun as well.


- Andrew Z lent us his PA for the comp area and filmed a fair chunk of the event. I did an interview with him at one point although I have no idea what I said, I was by this point so physically and mentally exhausted that I was incapable of showing any emotion at all.


- Ando flew down to give us a hand with the bump in and then did the tech on a bunch of machines.


- Rob and Paul from FNQ showed up as attendees and ended up doing tech all weekend, Rob even ended up working on the front desk for half a day! We had a great chat about how to improve on what we'd done.


- Richard for setting up the comp machines and being one of the tournament directors.


- Jas for stepping in and running it when Richard wasn't there and making sure that everyone was playing by the rules at all times.


- Scotty and Terry for jumping in and helping with the comp as well (there were a couple of people who helped out with that but those two stood out.


- Dylan for coming down early and running around cleaning glass with his partner and just generally being able to help out when we needed extra hands.


- Adam and Duane for cleaning glass, then running around putting balls in machines, also Adam magically appearing at random times to give me a meat pie, and offering to help all weekend.


- everyone who had a key, the small contribution of pulling off the glass on one machine and fixing a stuck ball or adjusting something on this many machines just saved us so much time. Diagnosing errors was another big one which Rod and someone else was doing a lot of the time. Saved valuable tech hours.


- everyone who had a staff shirt on, thanks for taking the time out of your event to help other people with their questions and game issues.


- everyone who stayed back to pull down machines, that saved us so much time. Unfortunately by this stage I was well past delirious and had no idea of anything let alone who was there. I do remember there were 17 of us in total.


- the kiwi boys for coming back after their dinner and pulling down machines, then being polite enough to listen to me waffle on about nothing when all they wanted to do was go to bed.


- Greg S for buying us all a salad at some point one of the nights. I know for Dave, Dan and myself that was the first thing passably healthy that we'd eaten in a week.


- Michael for helping with the tear down on Sunday, then showing up on Monday and running loads back to mulgoa all day. Did you also show up with a box of chips at some point?


- Mikie for setting up machines and unloading and generally helping


- dice was pulling down machines on Sunday night.


- skids came and set up a bunch of machines on Wednesday


- Scotty for showing up with his Van on Monday and helping to take some of my machines back home and helping load trucks most of the day.


There are way more people than this who put their hand up over the weekend - I've not even covered everyone who was wearing a staff shirt, let alone the guys who had keys. Some of you I was never properly introduced to so I can't thank you by name here but I know how much you contributed.


All your efforts were what made the event run. Without them it would have been impossible to put this on.


I can't stress enough how grateful I am that everyone pitched in, especially to those who helped with bump in and out - that was a bitch!

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although I have no idea what I said, I was by this point so physically and mentally exhausted that I was incapable of showing any emotion at all.


this rings so true, I cannot remember half of what went on and was mentally fried, as some that tried to get answers out of me at times could attest.

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Leigh, Dan and Michael. You guys pulled off a major coup for pinball in Australia.

I think most of us were stunned and excited like a 10 year old when we walked into the pavilion.

It was plain to all and sundry just how much work you and the score of helpers put into this event. It was also clear just how physically and mentally exhausted you guys were.

Venue was excellent.


I know there are many things you will have to consider and factor in if this event is held again. It was spoken about more than once that some of us would be keen to fly over a day or two early to assist in any future event like this, just to take some of that pressure of you guys.


Well done. The Adelaide guys (and probably everyone involved in the pinball scene) would like to extend our gratitude to you.

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this rings so true, I cannot remember half of what went on and was mentally fried, as some that tried to get answers out of me at times could attest.


Yeah, that may be the case, but you kept me laughing so that I did not have a psychotic break :)

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