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Australian Pinball Expo - Update 27/10/2014 by Dan Robar (FDD) Go to last post

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Hi all.


This is just a quick update to let you all know that the Australian Pinball Expo is still on track and will be the best Pinball event ever held in Australia.


Again, our apologies for delays in responding to some people who were anxious to find out about their payments or tickets. All that has been resolved with an email from me a week ago to all who have purchased the Aussie Arcade exclusive "All Access Pass".


I will be handling all correspondence in regards to ticketing and vendors etc., due to a change in administration. I would like to point out that Leigh is still very much a big part of the pinball expo, but will no longer be dealing with the administration side or the preparation work for the next few months. Leigh will jump back in to help leading up to the event. Most of the promotional side will be handled by Michael Shalhoub, while I will handle the ticketing and administration.


Below is a summation of how this all began:


This dream was started with Michael Shalhoub when he held the Pinball Expo in Sydney in 2009. I went to that event and from that weekend I made it my goal to hold an expo here in Sydney that would rival the ones held in the US. Michael and I travelled to the US in 2010 where he introduced me to many people in the pinball world: designers, artists, collectors and enthusiasts. That trip blew me away with the collections I saw and the wonderful people I met. Another highlight of that trip was being present to see the great Python Anghelo inducted into the Pinball Hall of Fame with my friend Michael Shalhoub.


Two years later, I met Leigh Hutton when he decided to hold a very small low key Aussie Arcade mini meet at his place just before Christmas and asked me if I would like to attend and bring some machines. We found that our pinball collections complemented each others and that's why I said "yes" to him. I later asked if I could bring a few more machines and invite some friends too. Well, it turned out to be a meet that had 48 pinball machines from all eras and around 40 people in awe when they turned up for the meet. Everyone had a blast and they talked about it for weeks later. At the time, it was called the Sneaky meet as a joke but it apparently offended a few people who felt that they should have been invited as well. So we decided to do another one six months later and invite all of Aussie Arcade. This time there were 96 machines and over 100 people who turned up for the weekend. This one was called the Aussie Arcade Barn 2012 meet and it had the same effect on people as the last one, when they turned up for it.


These two above events were my practice runs for an expo I was preparing myself for, with the collaboration of Leigh Hutton and Michael Shalhoub. We were going to combine all three of our collections into one huge event that would go for an entire weekend at a world class entertainment establishment. After many months of scouting out venues by Leigh and, due to logistics, it was decided that Penrith Panthers would be the ideal place to hold our Australian Pinball Expo. I cannot stress that we could not do this event without the full commitment from all three of us involved.


There has been much planning and preparation behind the scenes to ensure that this event will be regarded as a world class pinball expo. Promotional work has begun and will start to appear in all forms very soon. So, stay tuned for more updates to appear shortly.


Now to ticketing. We will begin advertising General Admission tickets to go on sale soon. These tickets are for sale for the Saturday and Sunday events from 9am to 5pm. The website will be updated soon explaining how to order them, once I have complete access to the site.


PLEASE NOTE: The lock-ins are separate to the General Admission tickets and can only be purchased by buying the "All Access Pass" which will allow you to the whole event from Friday afternoon to close of business Sunday afternoon. Sorry, if this upsets a few people, but these lock-ins are limited to 300 people and once the All Access Pass is sold out, that will be it. These lock-ins were always intended for the pinball enthusiast who is passionate about pinball and would attend the whole event. The cost will remain at $150 and can be purchased by emailing me at dan@pinballexpo.com.au


Vendors will be contacted this week and hopefully all of them will be locked in this week. Once all payments for stalls have been finalised, I will release the Vendors names who will be attending.


Thank you to all who have already bought tickets and have offered to help and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possble at this event.


If you need to contact me, do not contact me through Aussie Arcade, but send me an email to dan@pinballexpo.com.au


Please continue any discussions about the expo in the Discussion thread located here.




Daniel Robar

Australian Pinball Expo


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