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What's going on in the pinball world ??

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Yes :)


Haha, good to know I'm not strange. I have a Super Mario that I spent a few hours fixing this evening. It was a bit therapeutic, even if I ended up with a cut finger. My first Gottleib, and still trying to adjust to some under-playfield differences.

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@chopchop as long as your happy at the end of the day. That's all that counts. You have a great collection to show for it. Can you share your secret on how to have disposable cash like that!!!! I would be a willing apprentice LOL. I would love to catch up for a tour of it some time as the pics are


Pm me and you are very welcome to pop down the road for a play any time.

Disposable income is easy-spend 16 years at uni, get 2 degrees, one diploma, two surgical fellowships, and work like hell! The things we do to support the habit are rediculous.

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