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Gottileb Gladiators (System 3)

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Hi Guys,


First Post!


Had an really annoying fault with a Gottileb Gladiators which my old man has let me "look after".


The flippers could not select anything in "in game" video mode (could not make any selections, change high score initials etc...). It would also get stuck trying to enter test mode. Flippers would operate fine in normal game mode - no other errors and everything else working perfectly.


My first point of call was the flipper sensor board as per the manual and here http://www.pinwiki.com/wiki/index.php?title=Gottlieb_System_3#Flipper_Sensor_Board_2




I checked the opto's and both transistors and both tested fine. Ordered some more from RS just in case, and replaced - still no luck. At this point I figured out I could enter test mode with the flipper sensor board disconnected. Entered test mode, went to the switch test menu and plugged in the sensor board again. Fault was showing SW82 - left flipper (sns board). I knew this was not a fault with the return line from the sensor board as it is tied to the right upkicker, centre upkicker and bottom pop bumper - all switches registering fine in test mode. Checked left flipper button for good measure, all good as this would still operate fine during normal game mode. Something was telling the flipper sensor board that the left flipper was shorted.




As per the above diagram, turns out the 48VDC controlling the left flippers, also powers a bunch more coils on the playfield. So I removed all other fuses (F15-F19) and tested again. No more error!:038:


Inserted fuses one by one until the left flipper error re-appeared. F19 was the culprit. Turns out it was the control for the right kicking target was at fault (Q5). This mosfet is located on the driver board behind the backboard. Pulled out driver board, tested mosfet and although it didn't entirely test bad, it was still giving varying readings. What also lead me in the wrong direction was the fact that the right kicking target was still testing and working completely fine! Ordered some spare 12N10L mosfets from RS, replaced, and this fixed all issues!


If anyone has any problems with this model, I have a manual (and I can attempt to deciper it), let me know if I can help!





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Welcome to Aussie Arcade


Nice troubleshooting there mate. Perhaps you can start an intro thread and tell us about yourself. Great to have new guys on board who can share the love for these games :)

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