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Multimorphic P3


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I was skeptical when I first heard about p3, but after watching this, I've changed my mind. This looks really unique and not gimmicky at all. Verging on revolutionary. And will possibly open up pinball to a completely new market.




It's a "pinball console" and reflects the shift Of pinball from a location market to a consumer market. It's what should have happened to pinball when video games arrived and killed arcades etc., but the technology wasn't there at the time.


You buy the platform then change the game easily when u want at relatively low cost. The top 1/3 is interchangeable as is the cabinet art. With the change of the playfield obviously changes the software and the whole game.


And I think it would actually work really well on location as well (not sure about durability/serviceability).


Of course I still prefer "real/traditional" pinball, but this would be a really cool addition to a collection.



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They have a unique mounting I believe, or maybe it's the slings that do. Either way, animated flippers look freakin' cool.


I don't buy the whole consolised/easy to swap pf schtick though. Out of the tens of thousands of Pin2ks that were sold, how many owners/operators had more playfields than cabinets?

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So has anyone ordered one of these? Have they given an estimate of when these will start to ship?


I think it looks very promising and as mentioned earlier would be a great addition to a collection.


Great video.......



Really like the features like the ball lock and the popup gates, also thought the video looked great as it zoomed into each area. Would really draw you in.


I also like that it is interchangeable as it is only 1/3 of a playfield to store and not a whole playfield. I think this is a great idea as I think most would only want one of this 'type' of pinball as opposed to the 'traditional' type.


Very keen to play one as I think I would really like it.

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The Multimorphic P3 is getting close to production.


Here is a teaser video showing the basic concept:



Here is a recent gameplay video (with Roger Sharpe playing):



And a flyer for the Texas pinball festival where they will be showing their first game for the system, Lexy Lightspeed, another completely new game and 3 mini games (one of which is targeted specifically at children).



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I'm glad this treat is continuing. I've played this game in Texas as well, and it's great. I have a partial deposit down for one when Gerry gets them up and going. They play like any normal pinball machine, but appeal to a whole new generation due to the video aspect. The screen/playfield takes about 2 minutes to get used to and adds a whole new dimension to the gameplay. I hope developers get on board and utilize its potential with updated graphics.IMG_3292.thumb.jpg.e36ef5ec01ec1de5f29feb11fb9bd7d4.jpg
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Thats a big chunk of change but I guess the real Question Is how much are the new game kits going to be, anyone heard any heard anything about that

Looks like it could be lots of fun


The USD2000-2500 figure has been tossed around, but it will depend on the complexity of the module, the software and licensing costs of the theme (if any).

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@felixthadog, I'm surprised you haven't commented on this yet...


Thanks @The Brownish Bomber , I really love the concept of P3 and it's potential. I have always thought it would be great to have a hybrid pinball machine - a combination of real pinball and virtual pinball. The ball tracking technology is awesome IMO. It's a bit rich for me at US9875 but I would certainly love to play the machine because I think it would be even better in person than what we see in videos.




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This is now in production:


Hi all. We just announced publicly that the P3 is now officially in production. First machines are expected to come off the line in late March, with customer shipments commencing in April.

I'd like to offer a huge thanks to everybody who's supported us, advised us, constructively criticized us, or even just watched us during the last few years. We've stayed true to our vision and course-corrected along the way, and we're incredibly proud of what we've developed. The group of people who have come together to help bring this machine to life is top notch, and the machine is something to behold. Pinball is evolving; the P3 is proof of that.

Full text of our announcement follows.

- Gerry



The last couple of months have seen Multimorphic reach a number of major milestones:

- All 2800+ parts for the first set of production P3s are on order, with some still being fabricated and others in-house and verified.

- We've selected and begun working with a contract manufacturing partner for P3 production.

- A bunch of patents have been granted on our core technologies, including all of our most revolutionary features.

- We've added a significant number of features to our software development kit and game framework.

- We're in trials with some web-based tools that will help us support both current and future customers.

- The specs for the P3's computer system are locked in.

All along we've known that showing early prototypes, partially-developed games, and a bunch of new ideas was a big risk. Some people like things in the pinball industry to remain as they've been for 30+ years, whereas others are eager to see product capabilities improve and new machines designed to address the needs of the modern pinball consumer. We decided early on that it was important to hear opinions from both groups of people so we could design a modular, multi-game platform with the potential to deliver that traditional pinball experience as well as exciting new experiences.

The modular design of the P3 is essential for multi-game capabilities and serviceability features, and it also modernizes the manufacturing and assembly process. Every major sub-assembly can be fully built to spec and tested outside of the playfield frame and cabinet. This means there is no critical pinball experience required for people to assemble a P3, and it allows us to effectively leverage contract manufacturing partners. That brings us to...

We are officially in production! For the last couple of months, we've been dedicating significant resources to supply chain management. With all of the parts on order or already received, we're turning some of our attention to helping our manufacturing partners successfully produce P3 machines.

Step 1 was to introduce the factory workers to the machine. We let them play and experience the functionality of the P3, and then we tore it down and showed them how everything fit together. It's an interesting experience to see the fruits of your 5 year labor broken down into a pile of parts in just a couple of hours, but the next step was much more rewarding. We watched as technicians who had never touched a P3 component before that morning put the entire machine back together (following our instructions of course), turn it on, and enjoy playing more pinball.

In the coming weeks, the relatively empty area seen in the pictures will fill up with P3 parts and people putting them together. That means we're only a couple of months away from shipping machines to our first customers. Those of you who have chosen to own a P3 will soon reap the benefits of the forward-thinking process that went into its design and our desire to deliver significantly more value for your money.

As we ramp up the production process, it's important for us to not only build high-quality first-run machines, but also to stage fabrication and delivery of parts for subsequent production runs, especially since some of the custom parts take 3-4 months to be made and delivered. While we'd love to wait until we have production machines out in the wild before asking the next set of customers to lock in their orders, it's impractical to ramp up the manufacturing site and then have them sit idle for 3 months waiting for more parts. Therefore, the time is approaching for us to ask the next set of pre-order customers to lock in their orders and pay for their machines.

We will soon be reaching out individually to more of you on the pre-order list. We're locking each of you in to a final price of $9875 (plus applicable tax and shipping charges). Those of you who signed up during the 5 game promotion will receive 5 games for that price (Lexy Lightspeed - Escape From Earth, Lexy Lightspeed - Secret Agent Showdown, Cannon Lagoon, ROCs, and Barnyard). If you're interested in a payment plan, we'll be outlining a payment schedule in the email.

If you're on the pre-order list and don't hear from us by the end of January, your order likely won't be filled in our 2nd production run. Feel free to email me in early February to request an estimated production date for your machine. Current plans include ramping up assembly in March, with first customer shipments going out in April, and building increasingly higher quantities after that.

We continue to be grateful for the support and patience you've all shown us throughout this process. It's a very exciting time for us, and we can't wait to see trucks rolling out with new P3 and unboxing pictures in your homes and locations. As you all know, that value of owning a P3 will continue to improve as the game library grows. Now that we've reached production, we can put a lot more of our R&D efforts into new games and game content. As such, this is only the beginning. Game on!

- Gerry Stellenberg

Multimorphic, Inc.


PS - If you're not already following us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, please add us. We'll be ramping up efforts there shortly.

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