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26/01/16 The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy -


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The game start ,Ball sequencer , Match , 1 or 2 player Start and Game Over



( sorry the posts are a bit dull at the moment....but soon we shall have gameplay )




First third of the video shows 1 Player mode


Sequence 1 ;GAME OVER ,P1 BALL 1, SKIP , P1 BALL 2 , SKIP , P1 BALL 3 , SKIP , MATCH , GAME OVER .


Last part showing 2 Player mode


Sequence 2 ;GAME OVER ,P1 BALL 1 ,P2 BALL 1,P1 BALL 2 , P2 BALL 2 , P1 BALL 3 , P2 BALL 3 , MATCH , GAME OVER .



:) - 1 Player button


........ and


:):) - 2 Player button will be used to start the game ( much like a video game ).

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Not much to see this week ... but I did take a break from circuit board duty to fitout


the speakers and the 9 " monitor to the backbox .




Basic counter for scoring , and progression for standup targets and ramps



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The ramps light up great as we hoped.

Looks like the top part of the ramps could use some lights too.kinda,maybe...make them glow all the way round...


- that will be done with a different type of LED

- on a different lighting circuit

- with a different voltage supply

- on a different day



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After a bit of buggerizing around this is the circuit Ive settled on ,

capable delivering a single pulse regardless of the switch being held

or bouncing.




A couple here I made with 60Watt buffer transistors attached.

Low to trigger , Normally open going low and normally low going high outputs



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