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26/01/16 The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy -


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Playfield overlay


It's a shame this doesn't get to stay this shiny

It has to be tinted and the shine romoved to stop 'ghost' images appearing :cry


Upside playfield art can be removed by removing the ramps.The

sling shots, flippers - & etc can all stay


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Remember some time ago I was asking about a glass playfield?. The advantages I was looking at were a hard flat surface that is super fast for a metal ball to slide on and extremely easy to clean that will never wear.

I spoke to a mate of mine, a glazier and he suggested 10mm plate as it is cheap, strong and won't crack and chipping should only ever occur if ever on it's edges, not on it's face. He gave me a demonstration drilling 10mm glass with his diamond tip drill and it drills at pretty much the same speed as wood. Seems the right tool works extremely well.

Posts could be mounted using plastic raw plugs set into the glass.

Artwork could be a stencil attached to the underside. These were the pluses to the idea.

The downside was how to mount all the hardware to the underside of the glass. That was as far as I took the idea.

I like the idea of an overlay but not a plastic overlay.

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