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Australian Pinball Expo 2014 - discussion and ideas

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Yes, its happening. I'm just going to rattle off some factoids for people as I'm sure there will be a lot of questions. Please feel free to add comments, suggestions or ideas. We've got a rough plan at this point but nothing is set in stone other than the date.


Why would we do this? Well its been a dream of ours to put an expo on, and after seeing what was possible in Chicago it lit a fire under my bum to actually do it! I'm not saying that the event will be on the scale of Chicago, but I'm hoping that one day it just might be.


What I can say is this will be the biggest event in pinball that Australia has ever seen.


- The date is Nov 2014.

- Sydney metro area.

- We have a venue booked, I won't be releasing that info at this time. In case something changes.

- Its an open to the public event.

- Its an inclusive event. I'll be in contact with everyone I can think of in the industry, to see if they'd like to be involved, either as stand holders or sponsors. Noone will be excluded. I've currently touched base with noone from the industry and I'm not likely to for another couple of weeks so if you're involved and you've heard nothing, I just haven't got started yet, there are a lot of other things to iron out first!

- There will be an opportunity for hobbyists to get involved in a number of ways.

- It will likely be 2.5 days, but could be 2 days.

- There will be seminars. Content of which is up for discussion, what would you like to attend?

- There will be > 150 pins on freeplay (after entry fee of course), the pins will be from mine and two other people's collection at this stage (we're aiming for 200). Its effectively everything else we couldn't show you at The Barn due to a lack of space. My collection has also doubled in size since then.

- The other guys have asked at this stage if I remain the point of contact which is why I haven't mentioned who they are. You don't have to be a brain surgeon to work it out though.


Other than those things, we really haven't set anything in stone. I'm looking for input as to what you'd like to see.


Fire away with any questions as well and I'll do my best to answer them.





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awesome! thats a bloody big effort leigh - goodonya! :-)


I can't think of any questions just yet!

Hang on - what should i wear?


I'm excited! :D

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Long hours like those in the states... say 9am to 12am??


Yes and no. The expo will be open to the general public more than likely from 10am till 6pm. On at least one of the nights we will have a pinball lock in which will be an extra charge, but will be limited numbers (probably 200 - 300 people, keeping in mind we'll be aiming for 200 machines, but might have more) which will start at 7pm, and probably go through till at least 3am. This will give the die hards the run of the place while not having to fight the public to get on machines. Its likely this night will take place on the Saturday. Its also likely that there will be an 'all access' delegate pass which means that you get access to everything (seminars, general entry, banquet night, and lock-in(s))


It really depends on what numbers we get because being open extra hours increases the costs. I think we should get 1000 members of the public to attend easily, but it is difficult to know how many people would want to attend a lock in, how many want to attend seminars, how many would like to go to a banquet, etc etc etc.


I have a question..


Will there be an auction..? :tomato


Best of luck, look forward to coming down. :)


Hopefully not, but nothing is ruled out. It really depends on how well supported this is by industry. If I can't get enough support together in the form of exhibitors and sponsorship, it may be a necessary evil.


I can tell you that the budget is currently north of $40k to put this on as I refuse to do a half-arsed event, so if I come up short with delegates, ticket presales, exhibitors, and sponsors, I'll be putting everything on the table. If it does happen its likely that it will be open to enthusiasts to put machines up for auction.


info sessions like..


Flipper rebuilds? schematic reading, basic trouble shooting...


Thats the idea. I was hoping we'd be able to get people like Lee Feldwick and Norbert Snicer to do info sessions. I've got a big list of industry experts to contact, I'm also hoping that some enthusiasts will want to get up and give a talk on a topic that they're expert in. Its one of the cool things about expo in Chicago that it isn't limited to industry insiders, most of the seminars are actually presented by enthusiasts.


Hang on - what should i wear?


Elvis costume. No contest.

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