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A new gamesroom is being birthed.

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Yeah, I saw that on reddit, very cool. I just want something simple that will suit the room. I'd love to paint it all in retro pixel art, but I have no time or skill :D


Forgot to add the latest photos. I went over yesterday arvo and finally got to see the space without the plastic dust sheet. So close to being ready. I did a little dance in my extra 3m of space.


Also a photo of the new space with the dust sheet still up that I took last week, and the extra carport space.





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Paint it out in Neutral colours, Use lighting to good effect, Led strips are cheap enough and there are some good down/uplighting coving options now. As for art on the walls, Pacman and Space Invader Stencils are easy to get hold of, pacman on one wall, Space invaders on the other :)
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Well, the builder has finished and all that is left is a shitload of painting, organising and cleaning. I am going to rejig the layout of the entire room, moving the pins to the far end and then opening up the space in the centre, as my room has always been too narrow with the pins in the middle. I am utterly dreading the amount of machine moving, cleaning and organising that I have to do in the coming weeks and months. Still need to paint and lay new carpet tiles. It's a long way from done, but at least I have the space to store all of my crap now. Trident, TMNT cab and some cocktails will all move back into the new space once I have organised a bit more. I expect it will still be a few months until I manage to get it all done.







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I realised I never updated this thread with new photos. It's been ages since the reno finished and I still haven't painted or put down new carpet tiles in the games garage 🙂 What I did do was organise all the machines and have my first games night in a while. Photos show the new garage and carport space, should have snapped a photo of the deck, that's where all the important drinking and discussion was taking place 🙂 

Had just over 20 people there and the space held up well. Plenty of room on the deck and it's great to be able to flow down from the deck, into the carport with the projector setup and then into the garage with the games.











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19 hours ago, namastepat said:

Not wide enough 😄 About 3.5m.

They are never big enough.

Well done Pat.

Did you start when you started the thread 9 years ago?

Only a few more years and it'll get finished. Want new carpet then touch base at the next houseball if it ever happens?

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Yep, the garage overhaul started 9 years ago when I started this thread. Wow, how time flies. All I owned when I started the garage build was one upright arcade cabinet and about 20 consoles. They were all in the second bedroom of my house. Fast forward 9 years and I have not just filled the garage, I have extended it 😄

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