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Heighway Pinball - Full Throttle (Motorbike Racing Theme) 2013


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Today Pingame Journal released a interview with the guy from Heighway at the Chicago pinball show (Oct 2012) where the first game has been changed to a Full Throttle (Motorbike theme) with features like pop up spinning motor wheel sort of pop bumpers etc.


Tour the Globe competing in the world championship - Motorcross, Stunt Biking, Circuit, Drag and Street Racing with up to a 6 ball multiball frenzy.


The are going to have the game ready for a London show in Jan 2013 and aiming to go into production around March 2013.


More machines to pick from - Heighway, Stern, JJP and SkitBpinball - exciting times




I know this is probably going to go into production but quantities unknown at this stage so will leave it in this section for the moment.



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Could be interesting, I like that they have at least 3 ball interactive toys on the game. (i think, still not 100% on what the chain loop thingy does? a vertical HS2?)


The layout and shot choice i think is better than Predator also. (still early days yet though)


Thanks for the link.

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TBH I think the retheme is a mistake. The original theme was good but IMHO the pitch was awful. If it was promoted as something like "Big Bang Bar" but with a Greek barmaid with big tits it would have garnered a lot more attention than trying to push the mythology angle. Also it shows a lack of confidence and commitment to their product, which isn't good news for such a new company.


I saw the ruleset for Circe and I have to admit I was really looking forward to playing it, it looked like a really deep ruleset with plenty for people to get their teeth into.


Now it's just another racing themed table, yawn.

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Bit of an update here:




And for an example of what they think is a good engineering idea. Everyone else uses an opto and a magnet to accelerate a ball, like the Supercharger on HS2 or the loop on NASCAR/Grand Prix. The reason being is there are zero moving parts and it's cheap and easy to do. Heighways pinball solution is (quoted from here)

This uses two more spinning bumpers to grab the ball and fling it round the chain drive repeatedly.

Looking at this render that looks like rubber rollers. Can anyone spot the obvious flaws with this approach?

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Lessons have NOT been learned from Pinball 2000. I have said all along that ANY pinball based on a PC is going to be a disaster. They go obsolete far too quickly, they crash far too often and are generally way too fickle and unreliable.


"Unfortunately, Heighway Pinball were not in attendance on the first day of EAG International, having suffered a serious computer hardware problem the night before"

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Seriously, so glad I got fired when I did. I tried my hardest to Keep Things Simple and that the best way forward was to prove we could build a machine that was fun to play. I'm not a 'yes man' and that didn't fit into his equation. [1 line of text edited--FURBALLX] Edited by Sonny_Jim
I didn't leave
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The theme and look of this machine seems boring an un original. IMO sorry to sound negative but that is my honest opinion. At least the orginal theme while strange to me was at least original and not done before. How many "racing" style machines have already been made.
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Another update:



Checkout the big metal c*ck 'accelerator':





After many anti inflammatories, I think I need one of these too :D .

Agreed, Circe's would have been a better first release choice. As we all went WTF? and wanted to learn more.

I only wish them well for the future as competition is designed to bring out peoples best.

PC based or not - proof will be in the pudding.

The motorbike theme is a little bit date, though 4 x random pop up spinners will definitely create mayhem! YES ?

Should be a bit quicker release than our old mate JJ? :lol

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Quote from him on another aussie site, don't think he's found this thread yet due to the misspelled title:

We are talking to one potential Aussie distributor right now, and maybe another shortly. We will definitely have one in place by the time we start production in April


We are looking to start shipping in early May. We will probably ship to you guys first, due to the long shipping times.

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I like the look of this pin...

Looks like it will play fast.....

They are fixing the bounce back on the end of the ramps so thats a good thing...




I sent them an email to ask if they will be sending any of these to Australia....

got this reply...


Hi Paul,


Thanks for your email.


Yes, Australia is a very important market for us and we are negotiating with a distributor there right now.


I will email you directly when I have more specific news if that's ok? This should be within the week.


Kind regards,


Andrew Heighway


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I was really skeptical when I first heard about this project and how ambitious it was, especially when they changed themes from 'circe' to this. I must say though that looks pretty awesome.


Anyone local going to have a crack based on what you've seen so far?

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Huggy Bear sez "The word on the street is"

still about 8-10 weeks from being available

and also

The main news is that we have listened to the public and are creating a new translite and side decal package. The existing artwork package will still be available but the new package will be the primary one. We are hoping to release this at the end of May.


We are also looking at updating the cabinet and backbox design to make it look more "modern"

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Update with some recent pricing info:


We will be opening our order books when we host our launch party.


The launch party is linked with our production start date - meaning that we will be able to deliver orders within 3-4 weeks, approximately, of order placement.


The UK RRP is ?3,750 + VAT + Delivery for our Standard model



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