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Going bald


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DarkSoul mate im going bald too, an di cant wait for it to be honest, no more wasteing money on gettng hair cuts, no more grey hairs to look at, mate, its all positive:cool:


mind you, i have done "shave for a cure" before today and man do you feel the cold with a bald head:(

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Didn't realise I was going so bald. :D

Looking more like friar Tuck every day. No wonder my poor little head was cold.

Media caught me at a fire this morning.

When I was rung to come into work I started off by trying to answer the TV remove control next to my bed rather than my mobile. :blink:




Harvie_Krumpet_poster.jpg.6c079b750975df5807a99a50d5314506.jpg Answering your tv remote, next you could be pinning in your atm card number into your microwave

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