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My Chill out room...

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Finally I picked and will be restored to add and complete my Sega candy cabinet collection 

Astro City Part 2 which has a Ms9-29 monitor 

ps…Someone is thinking of going  to the green pasture to retire at the age of 52 😂😂


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I have a few clean control panel to pick out from my stock to put on the Astro City 2 including 1p4b and a repo Alberto customized panel 1p6b set up.

Haven’t decided if I’m going to Tate the cabinet…If I decide to go Tate then I’ll put up the 2p16b up for sale in the near future.



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Posted (edited)

It’s official Dragonlee has retired from serving the public but I will be offloading a lot of dead stock to the regulars customer cheap as I’ve been doing it for awhile via phone msg due to personal reasons.

Like to the thank you all whom brought from me and keep the site rocking as @Arcade King has done a fabulous job of running this site for 16 yrs plus.

Today is d-day as I’ve have a big skip to clean out the spare parts shed and getting them knocked down in the near future.




Ps..I will be offering a bundle sale today as I’m cleaning the shed to the forum cheap.


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All three sheds dismantled and given away for free.

Retirement is great at moment.

Dont have deal with tightass,tyrekickers and time wasters customer.😂😂

Only helping out my regular customer atm.😉


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