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My Chill out room...

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I finally got around to renovate my gaming room which been trying to do for along time.Suddenly it has slightly improved but i couldnt fit all my collection in there but i hope you enjoy the pictures.

















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My latest addition to my games room is another astro city cab which i picked up from ebay.It was totally looked trashed after a little elbow grease with a bottle of jiff and bam which gave it a 2nd life but i changed the control panel with a spare unit floating around among my collection.Decided to illuminate the buttons and see what it would look like on the astro city cab.ONLY did it on one side of the panel.It use to be a six button cp panel which i converted it to 4 button panel.Missing a 2nd player button which im waiting on:lol





Ps Picked up another cabinet from the same seller for the two thirds of the price which i paid for this one;);)

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My newest addition to my chill out room is another astro cab city which i have converted to a mame set up which i used a 19 inch wells gardner LCD monitor .Picked the astro cab for only $155 which i gave it a little overhaul with a bit of cleaning to give it a second life.I totally stripped the inside and dumped a PC and used a IPAC2.






Ps.This cab might be up for sale.Ive already have people inquiring about this if i will be going to sell the cabinet.

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[ATTACH=CONFIG]46722[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]46723[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]46724[/ATTACH]Latest addition to my collection is a round cocktail cabinet which was total stripped and put in new parts and black overlay over the laminated top.Ill will be putting in a 276 in one board when i get around it due to laziness :lol
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