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What is your most rarest item you own ?

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Just wondering guys what is you most rarest item you own or have owned. Would love to see pics of the item and the details including how much and how you got it. My older brother hairballnick just got his hands on "Whirlo" cartridge on SNES PAL on eBay. How much would you actually spend on an item ? I think he spent about $200 from eBay. Best condition a cartridge can get.
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once bought a box off assorted toys cause i saw a optimus prime trailer


turned out that he was a diaclone japanese optimus prime and another 130 odd guns


they are dam hard to find as any kid of the 80s knows they got lost easy


box cost me 5 bucks and think resold for about 300 and i kept a kup figure as he was a kid idol

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I have an Atari 2600 cart, Asteroid Belt by Suntek, it's one of about 5 or so known to exist, mine was the second to turn up though so it's getting less rare as time goes by. It's not very sought after though so probably only worth $150 maybe.


I got it on eBay for $10 BIN with 3 other carts so it was a major steal and it remains the pride of my Atari collection.



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my Watsons Scotch wallclock would be the rarest item, made in the 1890's to early 1900's. I have seen clocks its style, but none with a brewers name moulded into the wood.




and look who I found in my photobucket, wonder if he will visit the AA girls, and boys this year?



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Mine would be my Epoch Electrotennis - I can't be sure if it's the rarest game machine I have, but seeing as it's the only console I know of that broadcasts it's own signal, it's definitely the weirdest. :D




It's the first Japanese built console.

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Pftt, you guys are amateurs.


Behold the rarest game in existence, and I own a copy:




I only handle it whilst wearing surgical gloves, a hair net and face mask. It resides in a vacuum sealed UV blocking container that cost me more than the game itself. Oh yeah, and it's VGA graded too so it's worth $500 more than the $2 I paid for it.

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My Atari Pong machine.



Not sure how many are in Aus but I reckon you could count them on one hand and still have fingers left over.


A thing of beauty..

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most rarest thing i own.. prob my 248 year old dictionary .

rarest game ? a atari 2600 mangia cart , it at my moms thou , wil have to somehow convince her to let me take all the atari stuff , its been in my family for nearly 30 years.

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Probably this; Its an armoured car from the Jerry Anderson series "captain Scarlett and the Mysterons" and made by Dinky. Its still in the "shabby " box and still has the little crate of plutonium.Like this;



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