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Pinball Arcade High Scores - Medieval Madness

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Current High Score: 1,683,771,430

Member: JoeSoap

Date: 8-5-17



Current No 2 Score: 1,253,141,830

Member: Yakass

Date: 3-5-16



Current No 3 Score: 558,684,790

Member: MrMaloo

Date: 2-5-17



Current No 4 Score: 401,884,450

Member: adamH23

Date: 8-4-16



Current No 5 Score: 300,695,400

Member: pauloz

Date: 19-4-16

Edited by pauloz
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Purchased MM's pro pack the other day and i have set it up to a 10ball game, in order to complete the wizard mode.

Well, my elbows are numb after playing just the one game for over an 1 hour, on the iphone4s.

Reached BFTK twice and still fell short!!!!!!!

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