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Galaga PCB, CP & Overlay

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My intention was to build a replica Galaga machine but the digital pinball project has taken centre stage and as such I need to raise a bit more moolah to keep going - besides if I manage to get the pinnie in the house I doubt Mrs BGH will allow any more after that!:lol


So, the PCB first up. Looking to get back what I paid when I bought it from another member from here last year. Here are his words to describe it...


Pimped Galaga PCB, Ok it's got the Hi score kit (E-Pack v4.1) + 4 of the other custom chips have been replaced by JROK's! All ROMS have fresh legs & a fancy Galaga sticker! Also Incudes Dedicated Jamma Adapter PCB.


$160 + $25 postage (East Coast)






The other item is an original Galaga control panel, marine ply with aluminium overlay with original artwork and controls. Art is a bit scrappy but included is some beautiful repro artwork printed on high quality 3M material.


Looking for $90 + $25 postage (East Coast)






Dibs and PM as usual.

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Just to bump and old thread - the CP and overlay are still available.


How much for the CP and overlay? Will it fit a LAI/Taito/Universal upright - or a LAI Lowboy?


- - - Updated - - -


How much for the CP and overlay? Will it fit a LAI/Taito/Universal upright - or a LAI Lowboy?


Sorry - just noticed the seperate pricing.... I'm happy to buy the CP and overlay if it will fit one of my cabs

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