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Console Power Supplies

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Looking at the construction, it might be easy to bust it open and switch the wires...


I've done that before! When my PCE arrived I didn't have a PSU for it but I had one with the right specs but wrong polarity on the plug. Snipped the wires and swapped them over and was playing my PCE in a flash. :)

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Finally unpacked most of our consoles in the new HT and went through a few to check the PSU's.


Our old MD2 has a 9v 850ma (MK1636-03) adapter. List shows 10v? Do either work as the 9v came with the console?


LaserActive - US version 110 volt AC; JP version 100 volt AC. Both hard-wired so step-down required.


Gamecube - 12 volt 3.25amp custom plug


3DO is hard-wired - UK version just needs travel adapter


Jaguar and Jaguar CD - both use 9vDC. I just bought off the shelf 3amp ones with changeable tips.


FM Towns Marty 2 - 100 volt AC - loop plug


PC-FX - hard-wired 100 volt AC


Pippin - can use PC PSU cable as 100-240 volt


Playdia - 9vDC


Hope some of this helps.



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oh dang I thought it was always + on left = negative.

Looking at the construction, it might be easy to bust it open and switch the wires... still tempted, great price!


Arrived today, simple to open (1 screw) and easily flipped. Got the Super Famicom up and running, it's using a customised PAL N64 SCART cable, which is resulting in a darker image and some noise in the picture. I've ordered a new cable from Play-Asia, hopefully that'll fix it up. Now, for a few more weeks of waiting... zzzz

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Ok to help contribute a bit I have found a source if you want 100-240v power supply for the Neo-Geo CD family https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SNK-NEO-GEO-CD-CDZ-Adapter-PSU-Power-Supply-NEOGEO-Generic-100v-240v-220v-110v/153333432800?hash=item23b36281e0:g:o4EAAOSwUoNaQ5-L&frcectupt=true I bought one and can verify it works great.



I need help though finding a power supply for the PC Engine Duo (black one). I spent the past hour scouring ebay and ali express but with no luck :(.

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