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An alternative to your rusty SYSTEM 3 rails


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We now have to offer rails done in shiny BA finish to suit System 3 like CBW and the like. Only have the nailed version at present with the holes slightly off set like our other ones to allow new nails to go into fresh wood.

Thanks to the guys for the input and the 1st batch sold that quick I didn't get around to listing them here on Railways

$50 a pair 1129073418_Gott_sys3.thumb.jpg.2d6a9ea97ebe1c4ad9bee1c8f81d4e00.jpgSystem3b.thumb.jpg.ffc42cb4aa6e225e7c95503d56740113.jpgsys3c.thumb.jpg.10a67a724f6aaaa4fc012922a7edfc52.jpgSystem3.jpg.198b3291940143e5270d2df44e8a8ac2.jpgSystem3a.thumb.jpg.fd97022688f27d95ffdf8adfc8bd88af.jpg


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Picked up some sets of these rails from Jeff.

Having been presented a number of certificates for DIY incompetency I approached the task with a little trepidation.

However I can now bore you with the details of my success.

These rails are perfect they fall into place the flipper and bolt holes are exactly where they should be and with the offset nail holes they are a easy to fit.

I have included a photo of my comprehensive tool kit.

The narrow chisel works well to loosen the nails and then you just pull them out. I found using the smaller hammer made me more confident and then finished them off with a 5ml nail punch too easy.

As always anything new makes everything else look crap so buy some new flipper buttons with your nails and either buff up the bolts or buy new ones.

I also cleaned up the rail at the back of the glass with the drill and wire brush and as it was so badly pitted sprayed it with Hammertone and it looks great.

Photos don't do justice to how good they look......Dave's Wipeout shows the reflection from the Revenge from Mars next to it.

The Big Hurt shows my fence I think.


If you have a Gottlieb with crap rails do yourself a favour and get on to Jeff


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I purchased mine quite some time ago and I have just fitted them this afternoon to my Super Mario Bros. They look sensational!
Excellent, thanks for the feedback:)


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I caught up with Jeff last week, the rails are in stock. He's away on holidays at the moment. Send him a pm.
Thanks Mick for posting that, enjoyed having those ales and talking pinny stuff last week:)
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Hi guys

I'm looking at a Sys 3 project pin and wanting to know if these are still available?

Did send you a few pm's at the time but your inbox was full and I posted a message in general chat to alert you.
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Thanks Jeff for these brand spanking new rails, they really stand out and make the pin look new again!


Thanks Jase for the nice words mate, glad you're happy with them:). We've actually sent a couple of prototypes of a No- nails version to The Pinball Shed for evaluation by Tony and the fellas. I'll wait and see what he thinks then might add them permanently to our stock list.
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Received some of Jeff's rails last week, and finally got them installed today.


You really don't realise just how crappy the old rails were until you see these on.






Thanks Jeff, I'm really happy with these. I recommend anyone with a sys3 getting some!



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