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Fishtales Bouncy Ducky Mod

Fish Tales

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Here's a silly idea for a mod :rolleyes Anyone remember those cool shades wearing rubber ducks that were floated on charity days? Well anyway I allways wanted one, and oneday at the Newcastle show there was a stack of them floating around in a side-show alley game. The guys running this kiddies game thought I was nutz I think. They didnt want to sell me one, as it was part of the game. But 10 bucks shoved in their face did the trick. That was a quite a few years ago, my cool ducky has sat on top of my bar fridge since. Today he found a new Fishy home ;) Sometimes in Fishtales your hear ducks (boatramp shots), but no ducks can be found in the artwork. Well that all changes now. I cut the bottom out of ducky, and found he sat nicely on top of a pop bumper. So I removed a bumper cap, fitted some hard/flexy plastic as retaining washers (sit under the lip of the ducks bottom), and held inplace with the bumper cap screws. I didnt think he would bounce, that was a cool discovery lol The duck wont come off, he gradually traveled clockwise, but has found a happy resting position now. I though heat maybe an issue, so I replaced the globe with a led, but I never have success with leds in pop bumpers. So I fitted a regular bulb, and drilled some small holes in the back of his head to let the heat out. Had to completely remove a playfield plastic for this, but IMO the duck rocks! May solder a led in tommorrow, just to be safe. Oh you can hear my 7yrold drilling wood in the background.



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This mod is kinda out-there, more than a bit silly :D , and I wasnt sure about sharing it. But for me these machines are about lots of fun, color, and excitement. FT is perfect as-is, but it just didnt have the cool toy that other pins did. It's just pop bumper I know, but now it's a bouncing duck with cool shades! :lol
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