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Gottlieb System 3

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Problem: Game will start up fine and run however once its been on for awhile if you try to turn it back on game goes into a watchdog reset loop.

Common problem specially with Shaq Attack. If you leave the game off for 5 minutes and restart 99% of the time it will boot up.


Fix: I found replacing the 2 tantalum caps at C20 and C21 (1uf 50v) with common 1uf 64v electrolyte caps solved the problem beautifully.





After- Note positive is make with a + in pic.



Other causes/fixes from what I've read and heard (can't verify)

Bad 74HC123 @ U11 (Harris Branded)

Rom revision upgrade.


As you can see the in the second pic the chip is Harris and was fine so its worth changing the caps before worrying about the IC.

Possible causes: Over voltage.

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yeah i havent looked either. have to do some searchin as i have a few boards with these on.


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hey trav,


can you read the manufacturer markings on the original axial cap ?

just thoought it would be a good exercise to chase down the part species and an equivalent from digikey (theyve got lots of the axial tanty caps)!

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