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Console + Computer Game High Scores

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Post your Console + Computer game high scores in this thread.


Score can be from any console, any computer, either by emulation, or genuine hardware.


Only rules: Make sure you post a screenshot, and state if there is anything special about the high score. (ie lives setting or hardness level.)


I'll keep a tally of scores and games within this section but this thread here: http://www.aussiearcade.com/showthread.php/45926-High-score-leaderboard


So get scoring and posting - Good luck !

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Done this one yesterday.


Atari 2600


Game 1





Game 1 is pretty easily marathonable, I stopped once I got to 100k and had to kill off about 30 extra lives I had stored. Should do a million if I ever have an entire day to waste...


I've got a few hundred other Atari 2600 carts lined up here so stay tuned ;)

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Xbox 360

Level 1 on normal


With a chain of 67.



Oh yeah!


Ikaruga is so damn hard!!!! I need to swing past and watch how you play it. Is it the same as the Gamecube version?

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@kane: Nice work! Inspires me to take a crack at some of my A2600 carts.


@Tim: Great score - shame I'm terrible at Ikaruga ;) I'll check out the vid when I get home!


I might have to jump in here as well, must find something that actually shows off some skill though ;)

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I'm still Berzerkin' here...


Atari 2600


Game 6 (Bonus Life every 2k, Invincible Evil Otto)





With a bit of practice and some joystick adjustment I'm able to marathon any of the Berzerk games that give extra lives (this game 6 being the hardest). Scoring rate is about 1k per minute, so the million would take......

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heres some scores I've taken photos of some time ago. I used to play the 2600 a fair bit. my bezerk skill level is no where near yours ^^ though. might have to crank out the atari again soon




Atlantis: 173,710 - L1

Bezerk: 9,800 - L1

Centipede: 171,464 - L1

Cosmic Ark: 9,670 - L1

Crystal Castles: 75,824 - L1

Dig Dug: 71,350 - L1

Enduro: 98 - L1

Freeway: 22 - L3

Joust: 103,250 - 2 Player

Laser Gates: 45,384 - L1

Mario Bros: 541,900 - L1

Ms. Pac-man: 15,480 - L1

Obelix: 346,190 - L1

Obelix: 398,300 - L2

Pitfall!: 72,437 - L1

Postman: 44,140 - L1

River Raid: 31,300 - L1

Sea Quest: 165,300 - L1

Space Invaders: 9,155 - L33, 2 Player


Please do, I need some more 2600 scores to shoot for.


got a few to go for now ;)

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Hasn't been much movement in this section so I thought I would crack out the Atari and give Kaboom! a hit.

Normal game nothing special


Disregard the colours. I was using my AV modded NTSC Atari vadar with a Pal cart so that why the colour is off.


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Been practicing your ikaruga MJ?

haha. Not much. I will give it a good go and see if I can get a score. You playing it on the GC?


Update on my Kaboom! score[ATTACH=CONFIG]29822[/ATTACH]



Colour is correct this time as I just S-video modded a spare PAL JNR I had lying around.

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I scored 406 on DK today


I'll chuck the batteries in mine and see how I go.


---------- Post added at 09:00 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:42 PM ----------


Just had a few games. Managed 895.


Damn those barrels can move fast!



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Sorry trav, DK is about the only game and watch I am good at.


I had another few games this morning. Reached 1549, Game A difficulty.



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