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credit board dips



Hi guys i am searching the net but also thought i would ask here.

I would like to set the dips on this to free play.

Any ideas? Its a mk4



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Not sure if i am reading this right. So i just hit the service button for 4 seconds and dont need to dip any switches?



FREE GAME MODE. This mode is entered by holding the SERVICE CREDIT switch closed for more than four seconds. If fitted, the start

button lamps light and remain lit. The credit display shows 99. Pressing a start button will then start a free game, or a two player start button

will start a two player game. The Free Game Mode remains in operation until the host game is switched off.

AMD Credit Board Page 2




N = on, F = off

DIP SWITCH Coin /credit and bonus DIP SWITCH Tokens per credit

12345678 12345678





60c=1, $1=2, ($2=4)

$1=1, ($2=2)

$1=1, $2=3






1 token = 1 credit

2 tokens = 1 credit

3 tokens = 1 credit

4 tokens = 1 credit





$2=1, $3=2


$4=1, $6=2






5 tokens = 1 credit

6 tokens = 1 credit

7 tokens = 1 credit

8 tokens = 1 credit





1.Video Game: Standard

2.Video Game: Separate

3.Video Game: 4 player



4.Lockout Hand-Shaking


Set game board for 1 coin 1 credit




The NRI coin mech should be programmed as follows. Any coin or token channels not required can be disabled by means of the DIP switch

located within the NRI coin mech.

Channel 1.......................not used

Channel 2.......................Token

Channel 3 ......................20 cent coin

Channel 4.......................$1 coin

Channel 5.......................$2 coin

Channel 6.......................not used






Component Side Solder Side

1 Player 1 Start input

2 Player 2 Start input INDIRECT CREDIT CONVERSION (Preferred)

Token input RIGHT 3 Service credit switch input

20c. coin input R 4 Token input LEFT 1. BONUS RESET by START BUTTON. Pins 1s & 2s

- 5 20c coin input L should be connected to the cabinet Start Switch

$1 coin input R 6 - buttons, which also connect to the Game Board. If

$2 coin input R 7 $1 coin input L the game uses only one Start Switch, Player 2

Antenna 8 $2 coin input L Start is not connected.

Free Game Lamp 9 -

- 10 - or:-

Spark Reset out 11 Alarm output 2. BONUS RESET by 30 Second TIMER. Do not connect

- 12 Coin Meter output Start Buttons to credit board. Connect Pin 1s

- 13 Credit output to Game Board permanently to Ground. Bonus system will reset 30

- 14 - seconds after insertion of the last coin.

- 15 -

- 16 -

- 17 -

- 18 - DIRECT CREDIT CONVERSION (Indirect conversion

12 volts 19 Power input, 12 volts DC normally preferred). Do not connect Start

" " 20 " " " " " Buttons to credit board. Instead, connect pin1 3s

Ground 21 Ground (output) to pin 1s (player 1 input), in addition

" " 22 " " to game board coin input.

The free game lamp driver is provided for use in Free Game Mode. (See "APPLICATIONS", page 1

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Looks like your start buttons need to also be wired to the credit board (as well as the game board), and the credit board may need to have dip switches set for "Separate Mech Mode".



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