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Sega Genesis Nomad

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I think I spoke too soon about my Nomad still working....


I fired it up the other day and the screen works but there is a white circular hue in the middle of the screen.


I have looked on the web but it does not seem to be any repair guides other than replacing the whole screen!






Some other info I found which shows Master System support, dimmer for the screen and also 32X support. Just wish there was more info?




I have opened up my Nomad there does not seem to be any caps visibly vented etc. but I have only quickly looked at it and have not taken the whole unit apart. I am afraid to replace the screen as there is no turning back if it does not work.

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I read somewhere that there was a cheap screen in a device on deal extreme that you could replace in the unit. There are guides around the place.


The screen is supposed to be heaps better. Much brighter and far less battery usage.


I would do it if I where you!!

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I have ordered a monitor,


I got this one ET-358 as I could see the model number on the box in the video. The specs on the manual in the video were different to what I ordered so I hope their web site is wrong.




On Deal Extreme there are these monitors one I was going to order until I saw the DinoDirect one.





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I have got the 3.5" LCD from DinoDirect, it is not exactly the same as the one in the video as I hoped but near enough. I have connected it to the AV out of the Nomad to see how well it works before I modify anything. It displays NTSC AV1 in the corner for a while then disapears. The image is slightly blured comparied to the original screen as the new screen uses composite instead of RGB in the Nomad. Also the new screen shakes on still images. On the good side the colour is much better and contrast ratio is much greater. When I get a chance I will be doing some modding!
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I took apart my Nomad yesterday to see if I could find any obvious hardware issues that could cause the screen problems. I wanted to do this before replacing the screen just in case. I did not find anything that stood out, the caps seemed fine, no heated up areas etc. It has had very little use over the years. One thing I did notice was on the screen itself, its a bit hard to see in the photos but you can see the colour change and there is a circle in the middle. When powered up and working the screen is ok except for the middle part where the circle displays sort of inverted colours. Maybe the polarisation is off? Has anyone heard of this being a problem? If it is can it be fixed? Just looking on the web now I have seen these sites, one where you need to fix in a Lab! Others with applying a film? I might take apart the Nomad again and have a better look at the screen.








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Its only been 9 years :) but I had another look at this today. I was spurred on by Namastepat giving me a small LCD TV which had the same issue in the centre of the screen and I though it just like the Nomad. I removed the front polarizer from the LCD TV and fitted a new one and it works fine. So then I took apart the Nomad again. As you can see the screen it alot worse now, there are cracks in it. I tried looking at removing the polarizer but it seems to be sandwiched between two pieces of glass. Has anyone replace a polarizer in a Nomad before? I have also seen replacement RGB screens but they are not in stock. I still have a composite screen I could put in but I really like the look of the RGB in.



Nomad LCD.jpg








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I ended up buying LCDDRV and after waiting a few months for it to arrive I was going to post the installation.  Before I started the mod I thought I would have one last look at the screen and the polarizers.  They do come off, there is alot of glue holding them on which was very dry.  I cleaned the glue off and found both polarizers do have cracks.  In the last photo they are both removed.  I have ordered some mobile phone screen polarizers so hopefully they work, if not back to the LCDDRV.






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