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Generic or Name brand buttons / joy

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Hi Guys,


Is there much value in spending the extra $ to get HAPP buttons over generic buttons? The same with joysticks (Generic, HAPP, Sanwa). I've been looking around for parts for my cab project and am curious to know how much extra value there is in the name brands. The key thing for me would be responsivness. Keeping in mind my cab will only be used at home, and isn't going to be thrashed like at an arcade. Are there a brand people swear by? or swear never to use?





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Thanks for the replys.


Do you have to purchase the microswitches seperatly to the buttons themselves then (I thought they came with them)? Or are you meaning you can purchase higher quality microswitches to up the quality?

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totally agree, buttons rarely give issues, even generics.

Joysticks on the other hand?


This is where you need to research, I eventually went with ultimarcs ultra360 joysticks, mainly because I run mame with games requiring 4 way 8 way and analog joysticks which only the ultra360s gave me.


do some research on joysticks, you will be glad you did in the end

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Cheers guys.


I have been looking around, and there is a Sanwa joy that's caught my attention, so will most likely end up with that. I didn't realise there were so many colours available these days - I always recall it being red or black back when I was playing :)

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I wouldn't be touching any sticks other than Sanwa, and as far as colours go you can use Seimitsu balltops as well which expand the choices a fair bit.


Buttons are personal choice more than anything, but there is a difference with Microswitches. I got a few happ style buttons (and switches) from OxStick which are fine for the Pinball buttons on my box, but I would hate to use them on the control panel surface - I use Seimitsu for that. Sanwa and Seimitsu buttons have switches built in and they are far more responsive for fighers etc.

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