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High Scores - Star Wars

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Pin Name: Star Wars

Abbreviation: SW

Manufacturer: Data East

Year of Release: 1992



3-Ball High Scores



Current High Score: 335,284,760

Member: CruiserMan

Date Scored/Advised: 2-Aug-09 (Advised)

Game Notes: Factory default


Current No.2 Score: 334,691,670

Member: Wombat

Date Scored/Advised: 15/11/2011

Game Notes: Factory Defaults


Current No.3 Score: 71,062,550

Member: VON

Date Scored/Advised: 8-Feb-2017

Game Notes:



5-Ball High Scores


Current High Score:


Date Scored/Advised:

Game Notes:



Mod Chip High Scores

- This alters the scoring and takes the focus away from repeatedly shooting the ramp.


Current High Score: 729,580,130

Member: Andyj965

Date Scored/Advised: 16-June-2017

Game Notes: Factory default. Code 1.04


Current No.2 Score: 643,467,180

Member: Allsportdvd.com

Date Scored/Advised: 22-Sept-2014

Game Notes: 3 balls, otherwise Factory Defaults?


Current No.3 Score: 382,501,420

Member: Allsportdvd.com

Date Scored/Advised: 14-May-2013

Game Notes: 3 balls, otherwise Factory Defaults?


Current No.4 Score: 163,763,710

Member: VON

Date Scored/Advised: 12-April-2019

Game Notes:



Let Me Know Guys!!!!

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Score Update
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I just smashed my previous best score on the version with MOD Chips - 3 ball factory default.


Updated(better late than never):)


- - - Updated - - -


Just had a cracker game with the updated code CPU 1.04

3 ball, factory default 729,580,130



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