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WTB : Cocktail MAME / 48-1!


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Hi guys


I'm living in a unit atm in the Sydney metro area and although I'd love to build my own mame cab, I just don't have the time, facilities, space or tools to do it.


That said, I'd really like to get a mame cocktail cab for the loungeroom. My wife and I are old school gamers and would kill to have a good cocktail cab in the lounge room.


Ideally, we're after a sitdown cocktail cab with a vert screen orientation for games like galaga, burgertime, pacman, 1942, Commando, Xevious, Slapfight and the like (those games with a native verticle display orientation).


In other words, just two fire buttons per player - it's not for Neo Geo or Streetfighter like games.


I'd prefer a MAME style setup (so I can add and remove games as needed) but I'd also consider a 48-1 if it had all the games we like to play.


Something like this would be ideal :




But with the control panel more more paralell to the table top.


Maybe something like this :




But with 2 fire buttons instead of 1.


Note that I don't really care about the actual cabinet orientation to be honest.




Not sure what it would cost to get one, but I'm open to negotiation! :D


Does anyone have anything like this they're looking to offload/sell?


I'm willing to pay a fair price for a good condition unit. Although some tips on what is a fair price from the old hands here would be appreciated.


I has to be 'ready to go' as it were (ie take it home, plug it in and play!).



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