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Free PS1 Modded System (Broken controller I think)


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I have a modded PS1, there are some games, some work, some don't, 1 controller, the games will load but the controller is not recognised, I assume it's a broken controller but can't guarentee.


It's pick up in Mt Waverley (BH) or Mulgrave (AH) can post at "buyers" expense ( I assume around $15 ??)




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ill add some more games then to your package dale if you go ahead


ive got ape escape, rebel assault 2,muppet racing,tomb raider chronicles and alien trilogy being dust collectors


Legend!!! Mate, it goes without saying that if you've got duplicate/dust collecting games then I'm interested, since after all I now have (or certainly will have) any console you've got a game for :D


I have a PS1 already but the lasers come and go on these, and an extra modded console can never hurt.

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