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AM 08 Videos, and arcades hurting console sales in Asia?


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The Arcade Manufacturer's trade show is on again, and Arcade Heroes have a nice post up with heaps of videos:



Namco’s Nirin, Sega’s Hummer, Atlus’ Vulcan Wars, Sega’s Touch Striker, Sega’s House of the Dead EX.


Also in the news:


It looks like arcades are coming back in a big way in Asia. Console manufacturers in that region are now seeing arcades as a real threat to their income. How the tables have turned! :)



Harley Davidson, Tekken6: BR, King Of Fighters XII, and BlazBlue

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the eX-board does look very cool - would be interesting to see the price and if they build in any diffs like the MVS/ AES systems.


the pc based boards are the way to go - upgradable and cheaper than custom h/w.


also - it is good to see console companies feel the pinch from arcades.

i'd like to see how some console games would fare if you had to pay for credits,

rather than buy the game outright.

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the pc based boards are the way to go - upgradable and cheaper than custom h/w.



True, but nowhere near as interesting hardware wise. Just a DRM/Copy protected version of the hardware here on my desk.


Will be a sad time in 20 years when people collect 'retro games' - just a bunch of PCs :)


I realise it had to happen at some point, but I'll miss funky PCBs and custom weirdness. I guess there will still be the IO boards but it just isn't the same :badgrin

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