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I hope everyone can take a minute of their time today and spare a thought for all vietnam veterans 

Those that  were  lucky enough to return were treated so poorly it was disgraceful

there are no finer bunch of people on the planet they have helped so many veterans of later conflicts my self included that i owe them a great debt of gratitude 

it also marks vietnam veterans day and the battle of long tan day our battery sargent major took me and a few of the boys from the battery over to vietnam and to vung tau nui dat n long tan twice something i will never forget

so please spare a thought today for the vietnam vets who gave so much and to this day are still giving

LEST WE FORGET i know i never will

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I am teaching the war in class for current Modern History students, as it's the topic of their external exam in QLD. The ABC just started releasing a new doco series on it called Our Vietnam that looks pretty good. First episode is out on iview and I think more to come soon.

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