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New Sterns Coin Door size


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Hey Guys,

Got a question about Sterns released this year. I picked up a Godzilla premium a couple weeks back and getting a Jurassic Park later on. I'm interested in getting headphone jacks for the coin doors but I thought Aussie sterns had a smaller plate then the US doors. The Godzilla has a large plate and I was wondering if they have change the coin door for all machines being released or if a batch was released with different doors. Can anyone who purchase a new machine this year confirm that the plate size on the door is now the standard US size?

Coin doors.png

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You're probably right. 

Anyone out there with a Foo Fighters or something else they bought this year who can confirm the larger panel?

I attached a picture of my actual door1684917105347234073974276862342.thumb.jpg.bf9c85343f55030f2c23a720ab8b60ee.jpg

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That square slot, that can be punched out, is for the bill exceptor and a lot now days, a card reader.  Not widely used on those doors when on pinballs but used a lot on the same doors when in machines like Buck Hunt.

Have you thought about using BluTooth for the sound instead of cable?.

These things work perfectly for me on TVs so should work just as well on a pinball.



If you don't have a powered USB port to power it, just grab a usb female plug, cut the wires and solder the red wire to the pinballs 5vDC + and the black wire to ground. Leave the other two wires in the cable just cut clean as you don't need them. Plug the Blu Tooth into the female USB to power it and put a 3.5mm socket on the sound, pair it up and your done. Only requires pairing once as they hold that setting in memory.

If your hell bent on the wired solution put your finger in the coin return flap and the back edge of the coin return makes a perfect location to mount a 3.5mm audio plug.

You put the audio female plug in that back wall and lift the flap to plug in your headphones. When your done, unplug the headphones and the flap comes back down and no one sees a thing.

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Posted (edited)

Unfortunately bluetooth wouldn't work as there is no 3.5mm jack. That what I plan to add. You can get replacement front panels with the jack and volume controls already done and behind the plate is the circuitry to connect it to the header on the cpu board.

The issue is that up until recently the panels on the front were small and now they have the large panels. 

As they come from overseas, picking the wrong one would be expensive




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