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Force player 2 to flip screen like in cocktail mode

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I know so games have a DIP settings so that it can run in cocktail mode.

But is there a frontend or another application where e.g. you are playing Black Dragon and player 2 comes on but it flips the screen cause you are running it in a cocktail cabinet ?

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MAME can do this in the MAME per-game dipswitch settings. So if you run a MAME PC, you can cocktail flip for any game that supports it.

Hit TAB while running the game in MAME, go to the game dipswitch menu and then change the cabinet mode to cocktail.

This is not a global MAME setting, you need to do it for each game and it will only work for games that already support cocktail mode originally through the hardware dipswitches on the original board.



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Not that I know of. I believe that it is  only if the game supports cocktail mode to begin with. There is a cocktail mode global setting in MAME, but all it does is creates a double screen where the game is mirrored for both players at all times. Not ideal.

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This is an old "problem" but if my dusty memory serves the way around it is to use your video cards OR windows rotate monitor settings. You'd have to do this via Auto-Hot-Key or batch files are similiar.

Don't ask me for details as it was a long time ago, I just know some clever people have created a complex way to do it. As Pat as stated its not native to Mame.




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Was also possible with cmd line when starting a game to have coattail screen flip enabled but same as Brad to many beers between playing with that so memory is all but gone

what were we talking about again ????

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