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SOLD Price check: Zac Magic Castle

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Have a project Magic Castle was going to list for sale this week.

Game is in good condition, complete but not running. 

Has a crack in the outer glass along the bottom and has been stuck back together.

Will post some photos tomorrow.

Would consider a trade for an EM pinball 

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Likewise  !

I wish we had more Time , Barely absorbed any of the depth  of your collection over the all chit chat . Big Thanks .

At least we signed the door .

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Excellent result. Congrats to both parties. I'm sure it's gone to a good home.

love the Zacc art and game innovation's for their time as mentioned before. Had a Locomotion (which was at Pinfest back in '19 I think) but my fave is Farfalla.

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Yeah , I've always regretted not buying your Loco , wouldn't have had to do a thing to it  .

Now I'm going have to annoy you for  some of your knowledge  and products  ( hopefully ) . 


First time at Bulli ,  what a wonderful place  . Happy.


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