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VPGL25 Game3- JunkYard (Williams)

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The Visual Pinball Gaming League is no longer at this location. On the Home Page on the right hand side open the VPGL from the VPGL club icon . Enter your score & game picture via the iscored game overview in the Score Update Tab. We are also changing the format to one new game every 2 weeks and keeping the games open for 4 weeks to cater for peoples busy lifestyles. Please be patient as we tidy the new Club format. This is the club icon to look for.


Our 3rd game for VPGL25 is Junkyard. Junkyard was released by Williams in 1997 and was nominated by VP legend Crakkers

The game commences now and finishes 12.00 midnight AEST on the 19th of February WE have a great version of the game by Tastey Wasps. Haling from Chicago Tastey wasps will be joining us for some feisty competition. He is pretty handy on the flippers, a keen VR player and we may have our first VR score entered by the man himself. Please make him welcome.We are playing the single player mode.

The original Williams build was done by Barry Ousler and Dwight Sullivan and fantastic artwork was done by Pat McMahon



The link to the game backglass and ROM can be found here.


Good luck and lets see who is the best junk collector


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Transfer of gaming to league to club format
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Thanks for picking Junk Yard for this week's table.

Junk Yard is a very light-hearted table with some cheeky humor from the mid 90s (Williams style).

I want to say that all I did was script the upgrades to the previous version of Junk Yard that played a little stale by today's VPX standards. (physics, sounds, lights, etc.)

Here is another good video that I made the basics of the game and a few tips thrown in there.

Let me know if you have any questions and have fun invading the Junk Yard!

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9225280 @TastyWaspsThats a really nice DMD is that the one linked in the VPU download.Has the Red and Ted Roadshow feel which id probably the Dwight Sullivan connection. Man that guy was involved in some great games. The playfield characters spike the dog and the boss also look familiar. Trying to work out what table they also appear in. I see this is the same artist Pat McMahonwho did Tales of the Arabian Nights, Dirty Harry, Fish Tales, Popeyes saves the earth and black rose. Lots of mid 90 s tables the mamushka pops up. This plays very nicely thanks @TastyWasps and thankyou for your tip video. 



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