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Addressable Led's

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I wondered what circuit boards you guys were using for your addressable LED's. The teensy 3.2 and Octo shield 2811 are virtally impossible to get hold of.

It would be much appreciated if anyone could assist with this topic. Cheers.

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Almost any microcontroler can do the job. I make selections based on the software I'm using (Python, Arduino, C), and the voltage I want to run, 5 or 3v3. I've had lots of success with very cheap electronics from China, but they can be fiddly to set up, although the arduino clones all have worked a treat. With addressable LEDs some are happy to communicate at 3v3, but some lose bits, especially at high speed.  A bit more detail will get you better answers 🙂

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I use an arduino and the fastled library from prototyping stuff. Once I'm happy with it, I make a PCB, etc. This one never quite got past the "it works but it's not great" stage:


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