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Netherworld Max Matchplay #2 - Saturday 4th of March

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Event Title: Netherworld Max Matchplay #2 - Saturday 4th of March
Event Author: Jimmy Nails
Calendar: Community Calendar
Event Date: 04/03/23 09:00 AM

Hey mates

After the success of Saturday and feedback regarding the format, we are going to move to Max Matchplay for our Saturday morning event going forward.

Thanks to everyone for your patience on the weekend. 

For anyone interested:

  • we played 290 games using the Max Matchplay software
  • 29 players
  • 14 arenas
  • took 3.5 hours
    • averaged 100 games per hour across the first 3 hours
    • last few games took the extra 30 minutes due to a few reasons
      • experienced competitor playing longer games
        • I did not force matchups when I should have towards the end
  • software was set to:
    • 20 games per player
    • balanced arena and play order
    • ties broken by strength of opponent
      • not sure exactly how this is calculated as yet
  • I set up a second laptop and had players 'create games' themselves
    • ruling was that if 6 people or more entered the 'waiting room', someone in the waiting room must draw games
      • amount of people in waiting room could also be judged by how many active games were being played
      • worked fine and will move much quicker as people get used to using the software
        • would be amazing if a setting could be added so the software that auto draws games 
  • players also entered scores themselves on their phones
  • felt a bit clunky with the way the software refreshes on the laptop and projector
    • old matchplay site big screen view refreshed seamlessly, new one flashes on and off each time 
  • would also be amazing if the big screen view also showed the waiting room and amount of games being played
  • some feedback
    • enjoyed being able to play out games and go for high scores
    • more relaxed
    • chance to get your eye in if playing poorly
    • players allowing each other to play out games even when result is known for practice

Registration is a must. $20 gets you entry and your first drink. Suitable for all levels of wizard skill and pinball bashing. The rules in detail will be explained on the morning, so make sure you get there at 8.30am for the rundown. Doors at 8am for with all games on free play for a warm up. Prizes for the top 4 places including a limited edition enamel pin designed by Moonshine Madness.

Ticket link coming soon

Event limited to 30 contenders.

**Please note**: This Max Matchplay begins at 9am sharp. Doors officially open at 8am for free play warm up**

**This is an IFPA rated event**

Format details:

Quick Overview

Players compete in head to head matches using the Max Matchplay format with each competitor playing 20 games
The top 4 players at the completion of the event will play off in a best of 3 games, 4 player matchplay final

Format Details

Qualifying will be completed using the next.matchplay.events software

Max 32 players

First, each machine is assigned two players. The remaining players are placed in one central waiting room

When a match is completed:
- both players return to the tournament directors desk to record result
- players then wait in the waiting room until the next group of matches is drawn
- qualifying ends when all competitors have played 20 games
- balanced play order and arena assignment will be used
- top 4 proceed to finals


- best of 3 games, 4 player matchplay final
- machines chosen at random
- highest seed chooses playing position first, second seed second etc
- on subsequent games the person with the lowest score from the previous game chooses playing position first, then second lowest score etc
- 7/5/3/1 scoring

- extra balls turned off when possible
- all rulings and malfunctions will be based on the rules for the IFPA World Pinball Championship

Netherworld Max Matchplay #2 - Saturday 4th of March

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